5 Fashion Tips for Autumn/Winter 2018

5 Fashion Tips for Autumn/Winter 2018







By Peter Minkoff, UK correspondent

As another New York Fashion Week has come and gone, it’s now safe to say that this year will be bursting with fabulous trends every fashion-forward lady would love to rock. Just be sure to keep on reading if you want to learn more about five hottest ones, because we’re here to keep you informed. Check them out and enjoy!

Fringe is making a huge comeback in 2018…

Ladies who are into bohemian chic vibes will be more than thrilled to hear that fringe is making a huge comeback this year. Yes, this trend was quite popular last year as well, but it’ll be even bigger and more significant in 2018, thanks to the world’s most renowned designer houses like Dior and Calvin Klein that couldn’t wait to incorporate it into their new collections. A fringed maxi dress that follows your body line is definitely what you should go for if you want to be noticed. On the other hand, a statement blazer that features fringe will also be a fabulous choice if head-to-toe combos that showcase this trend are a bit too much for you.

… As well as the romantic pastel color palette







Speaking of comebacks, we have to say that pastels can be seen everywhere – from the runways to high street fashion, which just confirms their dominance in 2018. When it comes to shades, the pretty lavender is the most raved about one, and it’s a wonderful substitute for millennial pink, the last year’s trendiest shade. There’s also a gorgeous pistachio mint shade which goes hand in hand with a lavender one, as these two make a fantastic combo completely worth your attention.

Pantone’s Ultra Violet shade is the ultimate fashion pick

When talking about trendy colors everyone will love in 2018, we mustn’t forget to mention Ultra Violet – Pantone’s Color of the Year 2018. It’s all you can ask for if you want to make a statement without actually saying anything, as it’s a powerful shade of purple perfect for all those girls who really mean business when it comes to fashion. Ultra Violet is described as a quite provocative and thoughtful shade that inspired originality and ingenuity, which is exactly what you need in your both casual and glamorous outfits.

You can’t go wrong with alternative fashion







On the other hand, if you want to take your combos to a whole new level and show your authenticity, we think that alternative fashion may be your cup of tea. Experimenting with quirky gothic costumes and other similar garments is what you should definitely do if that’s your thing, so don’t be afraid to play and break some rules. Alternative fashion has so much to offer, especially to ladies who love to be unique no matter what, so get your gothic garments as soon as possible and nail your trendy outfits in no time.

Black & white polka dots are all the rage

Last but not least, black & white polka dots will be another massive hit in the fashion industry this year, and trendsetters from all across the globe are already incorporating them into their stylish clothing combos. There are so many possible variations when talking about this trend, ranging from teeny-tiny polka dots to really gigantic ones, and the truth is that the final choice is totally up to you and your preferences. Even though this print is often considered to be quite romantic and delicate, you can surely come up with an edgy and bold outfit that features it, so be playful and you’ll pull it off like a true pro, without any doubt.

As you can see, each of these five trends is extremely popular in the fashion industry these days, and it’ll stay that way this autumn and winter as well. Just make sure to bear them in mind the next time you’re about to go on a shopping spree, and you’ll manage to put together some classy outfits even fashion bloggers will be envious of!