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5 Reasons Every Kiwi should Visit Australia in 2019

5 Reasons Every Kiwi should Visit Australia in 2019

By Peter Minkoff, UK Correspondent

If you definitely want a nice vacation this year but don’t want to travel far, why not visit your neighbour and have a great Oz adventure? Australia attracts millions of tourists every year and plenty of them come from New Zealand. So, if you still didn’t get the chance to explore this vast country, here are a few reasons to do so in 2019.

Its beaches are breathtaking

If you’re obsessed with the sea and want nothing more than to relax with a cocktail in hand, Australia has some of the best beaches in the world. For instance, Whitehaven Beach of Whitsunday Island is voted one of the top 10 beaches in the world almost every year! If you prefer to dive under the surface, you can explore the Great Barrier Reef or get a decent dose of adrenaline diving with sharks. Some of the most interesting marine flora and fauna call Australia their home.

You’ll meet many cute animals

If fish and corals aren’t your cup of tea, you can explore Australian inland and meet some of its famous residents. Queensland has some of the most amazing tropical rainforests in the world and if you decide to explore it, expect to see a tonne of wildlife and birds. Crocs are there also, so watch your steps! Kangaroo Island will give you an opportunity to hand-feed the ‘roos , but you can also spot them when travelling the highways of Australia. Koalas are a bit harder to spot (they are super endangered) but you can book a Blue Mountain tour and see these cuties in the wild.

It has amazing food and drinks

Australia is a melting pot of different nationalities, cultures and religions, which means its cuisine is simply mind-blowing! From cheap and delicious street foods of Europe and Asia to fancy dining, you can find something that will satisfy even the most refined of palates. Make sure to check out Sydney’s food markets such as Bondi Farmers Market and Chinatown Night Market. Both of these places offer gourmet grub like artisan sandwiches, fresh meats and cheeses and deli foods mixed with a unique atmosphere. If you love to enjoy your meal while seated cosily, you can take a beautiful scenic ride to Mollymook. Find a good Mollymook NSW restaurant and get ready to enjoy everything from exciting entrées and mains to delicious desserts. Plus, they serve some of the best wine and beer in the country!

It’s perfect for backpackers

If you’re a Kiwi travelling on a budget, Australia is the place to be. It’s a well-known spot for backpackers because there’s so much to explore. People are friendly and ready to help and you’re bound to meet amazing fellow travellers on the way. Plus, Oz public transport is amazing, and you can get anywhere quickly and efficiently. There’s really nothing more a backpacker needs!

You’ll get to experience the laidback Aussie lifestyle

Even though New Zealand and Australia share a similar culture, every place in the world has its unique vibe. Australia’s vibe happens to be very relaxing and its people simply know how to live life! People are ready to chat, the weather is pleasant and rejuvenating and you’re bound to feel an instant flash of relaxation as soon as you hit the beach. So, feel free to explore the cities and picturesque beach towns, share a few words with locals and definitely try some of Australia’s craft beer. Life will be careless again!

Australia is really perfect for any type of Kiwi traveller, no matter if you’re thrifty or willing to splurge, ready for adventure or just want to relax at the beach. So, book your tickets now and get ready for an unforgettable trip to the Land Down Under!