5 Winter Wedding Guest Style Tips

5 Winter Wedding Guest Style Tips

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If there’s a wedding you’re looking forward to, but you have absolutely no idea what to wear, just make sure to stay with us and keep on reading! Here are five amazing winter wedding guest style tips you simply can’t miss if you want to come up with the most amazing clothing combo ever, so, enjoy!

Black is always a good idea…

No matter if a wedding you’re about to attend is informal, semi-formal, or formal, wearing black is always a good idea. The little black dress has become an iconic clothing item for a bunch of good reasons, and one of them is certainly its versatility. The length you should go for depends on the dress code – if black-tie attire is required, floor-length gowns are definitely the best pick. Of course, you can always opt for something a bit shorter if that’s your cup of tea, but only as long as it’s suitably dressy.

… whereas white is never a smart choice







On the other hand, white is never a smart choice simply because this colour is reserved exclusively for the bride. Of course, no one will probably forbid you from wearing white, but that’s simply an unwritten rule everyone should obey. Let the bride have her moment and stand out from the rest of the crowd, because she’s the one who should be the star at her wedding day. So, instead of white, you can always pick some pretty floral prints or beautiful shades like burgundy. These will also look more than stunning on you!

Plus-size? No worries!

Even though plus-size women often tend to worry about their formal wear choices, the fact is that there are so many stores that offer a wide range of sizes appropriate items for different body shapes. Plus size clothing brands have made a huge step forwards, allowing women to feel great about themselves, despite the fact that they need clothes that are a bit bigger than conventional. Don’t forget to embrace your curves and accentuate your attributes the best possible way – with a dress that flawlessly wraps around your body, making it look amazing!

Make sure to stay warm no matter what







Apart from looking as glamorous as you can, you should also give your best to stay warm no matter what. Winter weddings are specific just because of lower temperatures, and that’s exactly why you should layer up in order not to freeze. Wearing tights is a good option, since it’s always better to stay cosy than uncomfortable. You can’t go wrong with basic black ones, as well as with tights with a back seam – just make sure to avoid fishnets, since these can often look a bit vulgar.

How to pick appropriate footwear?

A pair of strappy sandals is definitely not a good option, especially in the dead of winter, so be sure to have some other options in mind when putting together a perfect wedding outfit. If you really want to show some toes, peep-toe heels are definitely a great choice. Apart from these, good old pumps and even stylish ankle booties can look really fabulous. The great thing about them is that you can match these with any dress you like, which is exactly what makes such shoes so diverse!

As you can see, dressing up for a winter wedding doesn’t have to be as challenging as you probably thought. The most important thing is to pick a dress that perfectly corresponds to your body shape and to stay away from white, which is reserved just for the bride. Apart from that, give your best to pick appropriate footwear and to stay warm no matter what, and you’re good to go!