A new therapeutic and sports massage therapist is on the rise

A new therapeutic and sports massage therapist is on the rise

Alanah Parker of Hamilton is on the rise to becoming a top therapeutic and sports massage therapist. Having experience in not only massage, but in creating rehabilitation programmes suited for a variety of individuals, Alanah is thorough and will provide quality results every time.physio1

What drives Alanah to be the energetic, young professional she is today is her drive to help people achieve their goals. “I want athletes and people of all varieties to be able to strive to achieve what they want – and seeing them achieve their goals is fulfilling for me,” she says.

Massage therapy is known to have a number of health benefits, and is an industry which is currently on the rise.

Alanah is a full believer in the therapeutic values of massage, saying “it is crucial for physically active individuals to be able to relax and recover properly, and massages are perfect for that.” Her approachable nature means that she is adaptable to all individuals and is keen to assist all comers.

Alanah has plenty of experience in the field as well. “I have been able to improve the strength, endurance, mobility and overall well-being of a number of different clinical populations,” she says. These include cardiac patients, diabetics and those with neurological and respiratory conditions. It is clear that Alanah puts in major attention to detail, making sure each patient is treated individually for optimum results.

Alanah takes pride in her ability to draw up rehabilitation programmes for each individual she is in contact with. Being results oriented means that she is able to remain grounded and focus on what is really beneficial to each client she has. The outcome is positive results and health benefits for all of her clients.

For the best and most professional therapeutic and sports massage therapy, contact Alanah Parker today.


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