Another Successful Installation and Another Satisfied Customer For Leading Industrial Equipment Company Atlas Copco New Zealand

Another Successful Installation and Another Satisfied Customer For Leading Industrial Equipment Company Atlas Copco New Zealand

By Ciaran Warner

The recent commissioning and installation of a G18 FF, including an AirNet piping system, manufactured and supplied by Atlas Copco, was a resounding success, says Graham Penniket, Sales Engineer Industrial Air for Atlas Copco New Zealand.

“The AirNet airline system is an Atlas Copco aluminium piping system, patented to the Atlas Copco Group. It’s been around for about ten years internationally, but it’s still fairly new to the market in terms of moving away from galvanised products,” Graham said.

“The installation was done by Full Flow Valve Services, a contractor based in Te Awamutu, who do a lot of pipework, machine installations, and modifications for us. The product itself is very simplistic and easy to use, very labour friendly.”

The client was New Zealand’s largest swimming pool company Narellan Pools, who use compressed air extensively in their manufacturing of fibreglass swimming pools, says Narellan Pool’s New Zealand General Manager, Brett Williams.

“We went and got quotes off a few other companies for the same thing, they all came down and had a look, but Atlas Copco’s solution made the most sense by far,” Brett said.

“It was quick and cost effective compared to the other proposals of other companies, and they were easy to deal with.”

Brett described the equipment as efficient and productive, saying that the AirNet airline system especially was a case of getting “a much better product for a lot cheaper than we thought.”

“We needed something that would be energy efficient and dependable as far as the air supply system, a lot of our equipment runs off compressed air,” Brett said.

“We wanted something reliable, and so far it’s all been working really well.”

The installation was a smooth, straightforward process, says Ryan Lush, Atlas Copco Service Engineer.

“The compressor had already been installed on site and the wiring completed. Once it was checked by the onsite electrician, the compressor was run to make sure there were no leaks and to make sure it was running correctly,” Ryan said.

“The compressor was run up to pressure, to make sure the set point was correct, and to temperature, to make sure the cooling system was working correctly.”

Brian describes the AirNet system as simple to use, labour-friendly and even pleasing to look at.

“They were very impressed with it – the product looks very smart and cosmetic, very attractive on a building. People are always over the moon when it’s installed, as it stands out very nice, the fittings are very smart. For most people it’s a win-win scenario.

Brian also mentioned an upcoming project taking place in  Canada, for which Narellan Pools would using  Atlas Copco products.


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