Apiculture Conference Success for Waikato’s SummerGlow Apiaries

Apiculture Conference Success for Waikato’s SummerGlow Apiaries

Bee-backgroundSummerGlow Apiaries took the opportunity to network with beekeepers from throughout New Zealand and gain valuable industry information when CEO James Jeffery attended the 2016 Apiculture Conference in Rotorua last week.


Mr Jeffery says the conference was well run, provided valuable information and was very well attended.


“My understanding is that it was the biggest ever beekeeping conference they’ve had in New Zealand,” said Mr Jeffery. “There were 1500 delegates, which is 300 percent up on last year.”


The conference ran from 19 to 21 June, working in perfectly with the National Agricultural Fieldays, which finished on 18 June.


“The Fieldays finished on the Saturday and the conference started on Sunday so there were some pretty tired guys who had done both of them,” said Mr Jeffery, “especially some South Island beekeepers who came up for the Fieldays and stayed on for the bee conference afterwards.”


Mr Jeffery says his aim in attending the conference was to gather information and gain knowledge about recent science projects around keeping healthy bees.


“That was the big aim,” he said, “as well as networking and touching base with other people in our industry.”


“Also quite successfully we’ve managed to iron out a few territorial issues,” added Mr Jeffery.  “Often beekeepers will put hives in areas that they think are unpopulated with bees but they don’t realise another beekeeper has hives over the back fence, which can cause a little bit of angst.  The conference provided an open forum where you’re face to face with people and you can bring up those issues and talk about it.”


“From my point of view the main benefits for our business and for our customers was just the sheer volume of scientific research that’s going into New Zealand bees and honey and the information being released, allowing us to better understand the product and better understand how to produce it well.”




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