Argent Motor Lodge Welcomes Free Independent Travellers

Argent Motor Lodge Welcomes Free Independent Travellers

download-1-1By Tristan Hooker/MediaPA

Over the last few years, a new type of traveller has emerged on the tourism landscape.

This trend has not escaped the notice of Graeme Hunt, owner of Argent Motor Lodge in Hamilton.

“We have noticed an increase in Free Independent Travellers,” says Graeme, who points out these travellers now have their own acronym:  FIT.

The term FIT refers broadly to travellers who are over 35, of above average income and who like to travel in small groups or as couples.  This type of traveller prefers to avoid package tours and traditional mass tourism provided by tour operators, favouring instead a more individualistic approach to travel.

“We welcome this type of traveller to Argent Motor Lodge,” says Mr Hunt.  “They tend to be enthusiastic and environmentally aware.  They also like to see the local sites for themselves and we appreciate them spending their money at locally owned businesses.

“They’re looking for something a bit off the beaten track to do on their holiday – and we can supply just what they need.”

Mr Hunt says people travelling in this fashion are flexible, which means they can choose to stay for a few more nights if they realise there’s more to see than they thought.

“Sometimes people arrive in Hamilton, thinking they’ll only stay for a night and then they find out how much there is to do around here and wish they’d booked for longer!” says Mr Hunt.

“Argent Motor Lodge is convenient to Hobbiton and is on the city side of the Waitomo Caves,” he says.  “We recommend people stay at least two nights so they can take in both of those before moving to their next destination.”

Argent Motor Lodge has rooms which are ideal for families, with clean, modern facilities and free WiFi.  Family rooms can accommodate families of up to five.

Argent Motor Lodge is right next to Waikato Hospital, with easy access to the City Centre, cycle trails and of course the world-famous, award-winning Hamilton Gardens.


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