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Auckland based, Core Blimey, deliver the best Mailing tubes for your business.  

Auckland based, Core Blimey, deliver the best Mailing tubes for your business.  

logoAre you looking for high-quality mailing tubes, with excellent customer service and very competitive prices? Then look no further than Auckland-based Core Blimey.


Starting Started in 2001, Auckland-based Core Blimey specialise in a wide range of packaging products including high quality mailing tubes. Core Blimey’s mailing tubes are ideal for a range of industries and applications.


Core Blimey is a family business which is fully New Zealand owned and operated. “We are a husband and wife team, with 3 full time employees, all dedicated to making business with us fast, simple, and hassle free,” says Rob Greenbury, co-owner of Core Blimey.


Core Blimey’s postal tubes come in a variety of sizes that will suit any business or personal needs.


Ranging from A3 to B0 size "People have used them for a vast variety of purposes including retail packaging, sending out T-Shirts, corporate gifts, wedding invitations and packaging handmade candles.  There are lots more applications for a mailing tube than just sending out posters although we sell a lot for that purpose!" says Rob Greenbury


Don’t let your posters get crumpled and wrecked in the mail. With Core Blimey’s mailing tubes, you can be rest assured that your posters get to their destination safely and in one piece.


“Our tubes are crush resistant and produced to exact specifications, maintaining tight tolerances for precision use,” adds Robert.


Initially Core Blimey manufactured and stocked a large range of cardboard cores made specifically for the tape and label printing market in New Zealand where they are widely used.  Several years ago, in order to increase their relevance to their existing customers they began to build a range of packaging products used by the packing and dispatch desk in every company.


Since then the packaging side of the business has grown exponentially and they enjoy a wide customer base as well as still providing first class service and a top quality product to their core customers.


Contact Core Blimey:

Address: 43 Grayson Ave, Manukau, Auckland

Phone: 09 278 2350

Fax: 09 278 2352

Website: www.coreblimey.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/coreblimey


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