Auckland based typography artist Ela Purnell creates distinctive and unique hand drawn works of art.

Auckland based typography artist Ela Purnell creates distinctive and unique hand drawn works of art.

In a world dominated by mass production, Ela Purnell is known for her huge range of diversity and versatility in lettering styles.

Authentic hand drawn feature walls, hand lettering, calligraphy, logo design, typography, graphic design all epitomise the work of one of New Zealand’s premier typography artists, Ela Purnell.

Though she started her business (Ela Purnell Fine Art & Design) only a year ago, Ela has been closely involved in the design industry for 20 years and has built up a big reputation for her work.

Throughout this time hand drawn typography has been a long-time passion project for Ela. “I love all things design, but my passion is for hand drawn typography,” she says. Injecting some personality in her penmanship Ela creates hand lettering applications that are original works of art.

For those looking for something completely different for their home or work environment, Ela can guarantee that all of her work is 100% unique. “All the elements in the design are created from scratch and are as original as they come. There are no boring, overused fonts in sight, no stock standard clip art, no templates,” comments Ela.

For businesses, standing out from their competitors is always totally important. This is immensely evident when it comes to Ela’s logos. Her hand drawn logos exude charm and have individual appeal which makes them distinctive in a sea of bland computer-generated logos.

Whether it’s a company logo, a new ad campaign, a menu blackboard or art for your office, Ela’s authentic designs will always give you that point of difference.

“Hand lettering continues to grow in popularity and is frequently used in Advertising, Branding, Apparel, the Hospitality Industry and other companies or individuals who value originality,” adds Ela. Ela has a knack of managing to transform ordinary words into beautiful visual pieces of art.

Are you in the process of renovating or building your dream home and have a blank and empty wall that you just don’t know what to do with? Ela has the perfect cure for that. Her bespoke walls can completely revitalise a room.

Ela’s bespoke walls will perfectly encapsulate your sense of style and will be stunning focal point for many years to come. “Personalising the theme around something that is meaningful to them and will evoke a positive emotional response every time they look at it,” adds Ela.

Hand lettering art can be used on a feature walls, kitchen splashbacks and other areas in your home where you have a blank space. “You can personalise it to say whatever you like and be assured that no-one will have anything like it,” advises Ela.

So if you are in the market for art that is both authentic and one of a kind then contact Auckland based typography artist, Ela Purnell today.

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