The benefits of influencer marketing for your brand

The benefits of influencer marketing for your brand

If you’ve been anywhere online recently, you would’ve noticed the flooded social channels of ‘influencers’. Now a common and popular form of marketing, influencer marketing is when a brand partners with a person of social ‘influence’ and now may be the best time to dive in.

Despite its popularity, beware that while some brands have flourished, others were burned. Many substantial risks come with influencer marketing that you should take into account before engaging.

While it is the best way to reach newer generations (as they don’t pay any attention to traditional TV or radio), you must always be careful to check they have an authentic following that was not bought. Their online audience can be verified through many websites, as well as going through their followers and seeing if they are legit. Check the ratio of their followers to likes per post. Some followers blindly follow their influencer of choice, like Kim Kardashian, and buy or copy anything they do or say. This copycat behavior is more common than you think.

A huge plus to influencer marketing that beats online advertising is there are no ad blockers on social channels. If you have gone ahead and teamed up with an influence, make sure there are no missing disclosures. Followers feel betrayed when this happens. Don’t ever underestimate the internet; it is a mighty beast. You can gift all the presents in the world to an influencer, but as soon as money has changed hands, it’s time to fess up.

On the bright side, the ‘second-order’ effect is a wave of organic PR that comes from the news of your influencer publicly aligning themselves with your brand. This is often overlooked and is another element you can benefit from. Much like Tiger Woods, Nigella and Logan Paul, scandals happen and when they do, know when to distance yourself quietly.