Book review: Catherine Newton’s Think and Grow Rich Today will help change your life

Think and Grow Rich Today big shotThink and Grow Rich Today
Featuring Catherine Newton, Napoleon Hill and leading experts from around the world

By Lee Stace

THINK AND Grow Rich Today – which features New Zealand’s own internationally recognised success mentor, speaker and award-winning author Catherine Newton – is a must-read book for anyone who is looking for a proven blueprint for success or wants to harness fully the power of their mind.

Newton and a number of international experts in their field share in Think and Grow Rich Today how they have used Napoleon Hill’s timeless success principles, as seen in his 1937 best-selling book Think and Grow Rich, to sculpt fulfilling personal and business lives in today’s new-age world.

What becomes apparent while digesting the short and simple-to-read Think and Grow Rich Today – which reached best-seller status on upon its release – is many of these experts have themselves encountered a few setbacks along the way before eventually striking it big in the game of life.

Take the Auckland-based Catherine Newton as an example.

Today, as the founder of mentoring, coaching and training firm Catherine Newton International, she has spoken to more than 5000 people worldwide on various subjects, including mindset, marketing, business and personal growth. In 2011, she was named International Mentor of the Year at the Top One Awards in Los Angeles.

However, in Think and Grow Rich Today, in her chapter on persistence, Newton reveals that prior to selling her home and sinking everything she had into her business she was a single mother whose nest egg was slowly dwindling away.

By Catherine Newton and the others in this book providing a valuable insight into their journey to the Promised Land, the reader is able to pinpoint a few common themes which have been the building blocks to their success.

Here are the ones which will reverberate most throughout Think and Grow Rich Today: positive thinking, clearly defining goals, writing them down and knowing how you are going to achieve them, reading them aloud each day, visualising yourself achieving your desires, working hard and never being discouraged by failure.

It sounds too good to be true – and there are probably some sceptics out there saying this formula is nothing more than feel-good, wishy-washy hogwash.

However, there is merit in the methods outlined in Think and Grow Rich Today. They do work. In fact, after reading this book, Yours Truly was able to devise a strategy to shed a few kilos. The results have been encouraging so far.

A copy of Napoleon Hill’s timeless classic Think and Grow Rich has also been included in this book.

Talk about an added bonus. It is well worth a read if you are serious about achieving success as it will give you a deeper understanding of the material covered in Think and Grow Rich Today, plus provide you with a few other tips to help train your mind.

For those of you who extracted considerable worth from any material Tony Robbins has penned or if you simply desire to turn things in your world around, you must read Catherine Newton’s Think and Grow Rich Today.

It will help you change your life.

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