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Boutique & unique: Indulge in the trip of your lifetime with Whakatane-based Group Travel New Zealand’s incredible “Off the Beaten Track” tour.

Boutique & unique: Indulge in the trip of your lifetime with Whakatane-based Group Travel New Zealand’s incredible “Off the Beaten Track” tour.

Whakatane-based tour company Group Travel New Zealand invites people from all around the world to indulge in the boutique and unique “Off the Beaten Track” tour. The 15-day guided tour boasts luxury and adventure in New Zealand’s most iconic locations.

“Off the Beaten Track is our own design with pre-booked accommodation, transport, and driver guide,” says managing director, Roger Gallagher. “This is our most popular and best value tour.”

This lavish tour guides up to eight travellers around the heart of New Zealand’s North Island, showing off the country’s most picturesque locations that are still undiscovered by many.

“Off the Beaten Track” kicks off in Auckland and makes its way to Matamata where visitors can explore The Shire at the incredible Hobbiton Movie Set. There is also an authentic Maori cultural tour to showcase Aotearoa’s fascinating history and people.

Each day on the tour brings new and exciting adventures, like a marine volcano tour in the White Island, a trip to the Manuka honey factory, a scenic walk in Cooks Cove, bathing in the hot springs in Morere, a fantastic Art Deco city tour in Napier riding in a packard vintage car, and much more.

On day 10, travellers reach Tongariro National Park where they come face to face with the gigantic Mt Ruapehu and the option to also go on a wilderness cycle trail ride.

A river cruise at Taupo’s magnificent Huka Falls and farewell drinks with the tour group followed by a night walk to see glow worms in Rotorua slowly wrap up the 15-day journey of adventures.

The tour concludes on day 15 with a trip to Mt Maunganui- one of New Zealand's beloved beaches and towns where travellers enjoy the last day in paradise before heading back to Auckland.

The tour includes exquisite food and wine experiences with 14 full English & buffet style breakfasts, picnic lunches, nine delicious dinners, plenty of fine wine, and other beverages.

Accommodation ranges from a luxurious private home in a farm, to an ocean-view studio unit, to a 4-star resort hotel- all carefully chosen for visitors’ enjoyment and comfort.Don’t miss your chance! To find out more about this wonderful trip, watch this short video on the Group Travel NZ website: https://grouptravel.nz/gallery/videos


About Group Travel New Zealand:

Group Travel of New Zealand Ltd is a tour company providing customised tour plans for individuals, couples, and small groups into New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific Islands. They are a small team who are passionate about the beauty and hospitality of New Zealand.  They invite you to share our unique paradise and take home an everlasting memory of fun and friendships.


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