Busy end of the year for Raglan based Aeronavics Ltd demonstrates why they are at the top of their field.  

Busy end of the year for Raglan based Aeronavics Ltd demonstrates why they are at the top of their field.  

Industry leaders and innovators in drones, Raglan-based Aeronavics Ltd has had a busy month with Tradeshows, Conferences, and a public preview of their brand new product line.jjjjj


The annual ‘Big Boys Toys’ Event at ASB showgrounds in Auckland last week offered a sneak preview of the next generation of Aeronavics craft.


With the event attracting over 30,000 people over the three days, there was a steady stream of interest at the Aeronavics stand. The Aeronavics Next Generation craft come as complete Turn-Key Solutions - Ready to Fly. The new line has a strong focus on safety features, and will be officially launched and available for purchase next month, with the first deliveries early next year.


Jon Fletcher, COO of Aeronavics, is excited about the developments. “This new range of craft is a significant step up from the already exceptional products that Aeronavics produces. We look forward to going into production and delivering this next generation in the New Year”.


Aeronavics Director, Linda Bulk, has been busy attending a range of events to showcase Aeronavics Aerial Robotic Solutions.


These include the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand Disruptive Technologies Event, and the Women Leaders in Aviation Summit.
The Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand Disruptive Technologies Event focused on technological change gathering pace at a speed that traditional businesses cannot keep up with.


Linda Bulk was one of four panellists who discussed how the structure of New Zealand’s economy is being challenged by changing technology and how New Zealand’s role within the global economy is growing faster than ever before. Drones are said to be as 'disruptive' to technological changes as the computer was when it was first released. This demonstrates how drastically Aeronavics technology could shape our world in the next 10 years.
As a speaker at the Women Leaders in Aviation Summit, Linda Bulk discussed leading a team within the aviation environment and innovation and change in the aviation industry. This included discussing the UAV Revolution and the regulations that are coming into play as UAV's become more prominent in both the commercial and public sectors. “As 'near misses' or collisions between air traffic and drones need to be avoided at all cost, it is important that Aeronavics keeps playing a part in considering public safety and the regulations and laws surrounding the use of UAVs,” Linda Bulk commented.


Linda Bulk has a strong community involvement, and understands the importance of educating the public about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, safety, and developments in capability. “This technology can contribute massively to humanity and our environment in many ways, but it is important that it is treated with respect. Aeronavics is determined to keep focusing on safety. By educating operators and the public in the safe operation of our craft, the risk to people and property can be minimised, whilst the benefits of our craft are maximised. We aim to keep inspiring change -  we love to be given the opportunity to work with others and explore how our technology can change the world,” adds Linda.


About Aeronavics:

A trusted world-wide brand, Aeronavics produces professional and industrial RPAS (or drone) solutions. Aeronavics high quality systems solve a variety of problems in several industries. Systems are robust, easy to use and fit for purpose, whether it’s shooting a Hollywood blockbuster, mustering sheep, inspecting bridges or finding lost bush walkers.




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