Chicago-based GM Scientific announced Middle East partner, Jazeera International Group.

Chicago-based GM Scientific announced Middle East partner, Jazeera International Group.

IMG_0676Chicago-based GM Scientific are excited to announce today that the Qatar based Jazeera International Group has become its key Middle East partner.


"This is [a] big development for GM Scientific as it continues the development of its brands on a global basis and this move into Qatar is a significant one in terms of its expansion," says GM Scientific CEO Leigh McKenzie.


Qatar is the richest country in the world on a GDP per capita basis. It is business friendly and politically stable, as well as being one of the 20 most peaceful countries in the world on the Global Peace Index. The source of its wealth is oil and natural gas but the Government is pro-active in using this wealth to diversify the economy.


The Jazeera International Group is a subsidiary of the Al Jazeera International Group, one of the leading business houses in Qatar. It has more than 3300 employees and is involved in building and construction, trading, shipping, business consultancy and housing and medical distribution. The chairman of both companies is His Excellency Sheikh Dr Jassim Bin Nasser Bin Jassim Bin Mohammed Al Thani, a member of the royal family of Qatar.


"Having such a strong business involvement in Qatar makes Jazeera International Group the perfect partner for GM Scientific.

We have taken up an office in the middle of Doha, in the Al Jazeera tower, and we plan to have a full staff there to promote our range of products throughout the Middle East region" McKenzie said.


GM Scientific is a major distributor of health care consumables, providing a range of products to six principal markets (medical/surgical, dental, first aid, sports medicine, military, EMS/Trauma and animal health). In particular GM Scientific has an exclusive arrangement for the promotion and distribution of the renowned SureStop ® and the new SureStop Xtra range of products which are distributed worldwide.


GM Scientific aims to become a major worldwide player in the fast growing homeostatic market and has world first technology incorporated into its products to help it to achieve this.


The product range includes sterile hemostatic dressings for a variety of applications, Island Dressings, Scar Care products and more. SureStop ® and SureStop Xtra help control all types of bleeding both internally and externally. GM Scientific’s SureStop Xtra has

Class lll certification as a fully implantable medical device worldwide except within the United States Of America, where it has a 510k classification with and extension for major bleeding in trauma and surgical situations.


SureStop and SureStop Xtra stop bleeding from surgical sites, major trauma and open wounds including mouth, ear, nose and throat as well as bleeding from any type of traumatic injury. SureStop ® and SureStop Xtra hemostatic dressings are easy to use and remove.


They contain no chemical additives, are hypoallergenic and are completely safe as they are derived from plant based cellulose material. With their faster time to hemostasis, bacteriostatic benefits and competitive prices, SureStop ® and SureStop Xtra offer real value for money for customers.


GMS will commence operations full time from Qatar from the beginning of April.