How to Choose the Perfect Car in New Zealand and Australia

How to Choose the Perfect Car in New Zealand and Australia









By Peter Minkoff, UK Correspondent

Owning a car is amazing, but finding a perfect model is never easy, especially if you live in a climate that mixes hot summer days and snowy winter nights such as the people in New Zealand and Australia do. Here, you can’t buy just any model but need to take lots of things into consideration, from a great engine to durable tires, so here are a couple of things that might help you make a decision.

Check under the hood







First, you need to find a powerful engine that’s going to be able to withstand long trips around Australia and New Zealand, particularly if you’re planning a long road trip all around the southern continent. Only a strong engine is going to make you safe while driving and make you certain you’re going to get from point A to point B every time you sit behind the wheel.

Therefore, it’s important to run a full inspection of your desired model: pay attention to the outside of the car and check for dents and signs of rust, but also the inside to make sure all indicators, locks and lights are fully functional. After inspecting the car, you can think about it more thoroughly and find a sustainable way of financing it.

Test the vehicle

Whatever car you buy, you need to test drive it before you make an offer. After all, you can never know whether it’s going to suit you completely before you spend at least an hour or two in it. And in the region of Australia and New Zealand, you have to hit the road to see how well your car handles the dust, sand, snow or rain.

Test driving a car is best done on the open road because you can try out different driving styles there, from slowly gaining speed to driving uphill and downhill. Keep in mind that all of these stages of driving are going to appear on every drive you take, so be sure the model you’re testing is able to handle every obstacle and every challenge you put before it. But, don’t forget to test drive it in the city conditions as well, particularly if you live in a crowded area where lots of people own a car.

Find the right type

Not every model suits every driver, and you need to be very careful when browsing through various classes of cars you plan on buying. A microcar is very different from a limousine, while a hatchback is nothing like a sports car, so you first have to figure out what kind of a car you want. Depending on whether you have a family or not, you can choose between a two-seater and a seven-seater and everything in between.

One of the cars lots of people buy nowadays is an SUV: it’s a perfect car for all purposes and you can drive it both in rural and urban areas, and get the same excitement in the city and on an open road. Moreover, these cars are quite cost-effective and fuel-efficient, and all of these qualities mean you can always rely on a small SUV in Australia, so take this option into consideration as well. In the end, these models are perfect for driving your kids, being so reliable on long journeys through the bush.

Get the finances









Buying a new car can potentially be quite expensive, so you need to find the right financing model. Lots of people save cash over a period of several years, while some borrow money from their parents or friends. Others, however, go to a bank and get a loan, and that could easily be the best and most affordable way to gather enough money for a car – after all, that’s why car loans in New Zealand are so popular right now! Therefore, as soon as you find the model that fits you in every way possible, consider getting a loan and you’ll start driving your new car just a couple of days later.

Making this kind of a decision is never easy, but if you do your research and get informed, you’ll realize that the perfect car is just waiting around the corner – all you need to do is get it and hit the road!