CV300 check valves are a game-changer for the global CNG market

CV300 check valves are a game-changer for the global CNG market

The CV300 series of Check Valves

Oasis Engineering, a specialist CNG and product development company situated in the City of Tauranga, New Zealand, has recently released a new series of CNG check valves named the CV3000 series.

The CV300 series, which comprises of the CV304, CV306 and CV308 check valves, have three different thread types.

There are the British Stand Pipe, which is used widely in Europe, the National Pipe Tapered (NPT), which is used mostly in North America, and the SAE which is a globally recognised thread type.

Ricky Lee, Vice President of Business Development for USA & Canada, has noticed changes in the North American market. “I have recognised a push towards the US market using more SAE threads instead of NPT. SAE is far less likely to leak and therefore much safer.”

This means Oasis Engineering can cater for the varied requirements of the global CNG market which they have been doing successfully for more than 30 years.

As well as manufacturing the check valves, Oasis Engineering provide an instruction manual and kits for servicing the parts.

Oasis Engineering have gone to the lengths of producing component servicing videos which they have posted on their YouTube channel, ‘Oasis Engineering Ltd’.

“Our videos are made for ensuring our customers understand the process of servicing and how to correctly use the kits we provide,” says Lee.

These videos are incredibly useful for ensuring the customer can see how disassembly and reassembly is performed correctly to get it right the first time.

“We pride ourselves on ensuring our customers’ CNG systems can be serviced and back up and running as soon as possible,” says Oasis Engineering’s Managing Director Andy Cameron.

Most CNG check valves are not able to be serviced and require a highly experienced technician to remove and replace them, whereas the CV300 series can be removed and serviced by onsite maintenance staff which means less downtime and much lower costs.

With the highest flowing products in the CNG industry and a commitment to delivering, in full, on time and within specification, Oasis Engineering can provide you with the CNG components that you need.

If you have requirements that cannot be fulfilled by off the shelf products, Oasis Engineering can customize and develop solutions to any customers’ requirements.


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