Dollar Dealers Saves You Money and Misery

Dollar Dealers Saves You Money and Misery


If you’ve ever found yourself at the wrong end of a raw deal on Trade Me, join the club.  Buying goods online is fraught with problems, says James Delmont of Dollar Dealers, New Zealand’s leading pawn broking business.pic


“When you’re dealing with people online and you’ve got returns or problems, it becomes a big scenario,” says Mr Delmont, “and generally, nine times out of ten, you lose out.”


Mr Delmont says one of the main problems with online auction sites is that the Consumer Guarantees Act doesn’t cover individuals selling to each other, as it does when a customer buys goods from a store.


“We guarantee our products, it’s just as simple as that,” says Mr Delmont.  “That’s something you don’t get online, you don’t get when you’re selling or buying peer to peer.”


“The beauty about Dollar Dealers is we’re a company that’s been in business for the last 17 years and we’re bricks and mortar.  We are tangible.  If you have an issue, you have a place to literally come and deal with the person who sold you the goods, face to face.”


“We also offer a 30 day warranty on all of our goods,” says Mr Delmont.  “When you’re dealing with a second hand item, it’s a good thing to have.  You certainly don’t get that from Trade Me.”


Dollar Dealers has ten stores located around Auckland, selling a vast range of items from electronics to jewellery, whiteware, tools and musical equipment to sports gear.


“We’ve got everything under one roof,” says Mr Delmont.  “We’re The Warehouse.  We’re Noel Leeming. We’re Harvey Norman.  We’re Michael Hill Jeweller.  Everything you can imagine.  You name it, we’ve got it.  It’s that simple.”


Mr Delmont says many people continue to buy online because they think it’s a cheaper option.  However, Dollar Dealers have the most competitive prices in the second hand market.


“We’re priced better than anyone”, he says. “We look at completed, successful auctions on Trade Me and price our goods to make sure we’re pricing below those.”


“We believe we really are the best price second hand dealer in the country.  And we guarantee that.  If you can find a better price on another item at a second hand dealer or retailer we will beat it!”



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