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Don’t think you need insurance? Find out why you need to protect yourself from the unforeseen with Hamilton based Life Insurance Adviser Steven Senn.

Don’t think you need insurance? Find out why you need to protect yourself from the unforeseen with Hamilton based Life Insurance Adviser Steven Senn.

New Zealand is one of the most underinsured countries in the OECD.

Hamilton-based Insurance Adviser Steven Senn wants to talk to New Zealanders about the importance of risk and taking responsibility for themselves and their families

“I want to start a conversation with New Zealanders about life insurance,” says Steven Senn.  Too many New Zealanders have the ‘she’ll be right’ attitude and simply don’t want to think about future what ifs, but if something unexpected happened to you, would you or your loved ones have enough money to get by?

Despite its reputation life insurance isn’t just for the well-off and older couples. In fact, a well know often cited statistic amongst insurance and medical health professionals is that one out of three NZ males and one out of four NZ females will be diagnosed with some form of cancer before reaching 75. However over recent years this appears to be closer to one in two males and one in three females. Further information found here.

Young professionals and entrepreneurs under the age of 35 are among the least-insured groups of Kiwis, possibly because they often believe that they don’t have anything to protect. But this couldn’t be further from the case, says Steven.

The biggest asset as a young, working person is their ability to earn an income. An unexpected interruption to your capacity to earn an income today would not only leave you with an instant money deficit, but also has the potential to jeopardise your career and financial goals. “Younger people might not know it, but they do have plenty to protect: their health, income, current lifestyle, and their potential future lifestyle,” adds Steven Senn.

“I am not here to simply sell a product; I am here first and foremost to listen carefully to each client’s unique situation and then provide the right advice to ensure they are safely protected within the confines of their budget,” adds Steven. In short Steven will work with you to understand your individual financial situation and develop a unique plan that reflects your needs. Don’t hesitate to start your “What if conversation” today.


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