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Don’t wait till it’s too late, get Income Protection with Hamilton-based insuranceBASE today.

Don’t wait till it’s too late, get Income Protection with Hamilton-based insuranceBASE today.

ascadfaBy Trish Watson


HAMILTON-based insuranceBASE understands how important your income can be to you and your loved ones and urges all to invest in Income Protection.

There can be a lot of uncertainty around employment. For instance, would you be ok if you had to stop working for any reason be it illness or redundancy? insuranceBASE wants to take the stress out of this possibility and give you some necessary security around the issue.


According to statistics from the Financial Services Council, each year in 54,800 Kiwi households (a Tauranga-sized city) the main earner’s income is lost through illness. More than half lose it for six months or more.


The average household needs $683 a week: the maximum benefit is $348. And if your partner earns $30,000 you probably won’t be eligible for a benefit.


With Income Protection cover with insuranceBASE, while you’re sick or disabled, you will continue to receive a percentage of your income to help cover the mortgage, the groceries, childcare for the kids,(remove comma) and living costs.


insuranceBASE can be your advocates to finding income security, an Income Protection plan can provide a replacement income of up to 75% of your pre-disability earnings.


Failing to take appropriate insurance cover is gambling with your family’s security. Arranging a plan suitable for your family’s needs is easy with the help of the knowledgeable team at insuranceBASE.


Don’t wait for a catastrophe to make you realise that you need insurance. Whether you’re a family seeking personal cover, or a small business requiring business insurance or assistance with ACC restructure or advice now is the time to take action with the professionals at insuranceBASE.


Don’t wait until it is too late, get in contact with Jason from insuranceBASE today for a free no obligation chat.

Contact insuranceBASE:

Phone   07 839 0244

Fax        07 839 7882

Mobile 07 211 7625 or 021 735 905

Email  Jason@insurancebase.co.nz

Office    11a Clifton Road (Rear Unit). Hamilton

Postal    PO Box 964, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton 3240

Website:  www.insurancebase.co.nz


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