Emerging Sydney Food Scene

Emerging Sydney Food Scene

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If you’re looking for an ideal foodie destination with a versatile, constantly growing scene, then Sydney is truly a place to be. With an equally impressive international cuisine and local innovative menus, little can be said to perfectly describe the diverse tastes of this city – you will need to use your knowledgeable taste buds for a complete experience.

Reuben Hills

A prime location for an early brunch and an exquisite cup of coffee, Reuben Hills offers a rich menu to tease your palate with superb ingredients. A simple sandwich in their kitchen becomes an appetizing dish, while a morning broken omelette roll can keep you full for hours, especially if you try some of their freshly brewed coffee.


With its raw, rugged feel and a superbly sleek menu of Italian dishes with an Asian twist, this place will dazzle anyone who is looking for an innovative approach to familiar tastes of international cuisine. And, it has a desert menu to match the main course, so you can treat yourself to their coconut rice cream with white chocolate or marshmallows with passion fruit.

Whitewater Restaurant






Located on a breathtaking beachfront, this hidden gem well known to the locals offers not only a versatile menu, but also an authentic Australian atmosphere and a view of the ocean. Each meal in this Manly restaurant offers food prepared by a skilful chef, so you cannot go wrong with their homemade tiger prawn spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, pesto sauce, spinach and chilli.

The Grounds of Alexandria

An eclectic place with a breathtaking décor, The Grounds restaurant is a perfect example of Aussie love for simplicity with a twist. It has its own bakery, a stunning garden and a café, so you might find yourself tempted to move in once you try their locally harvested salads or steak tartare.

Three Blue Ducks

Another perfect brunch location with a selection of their finest coffee, this imaginative nook is visited by the locals at least once, and no wonder an increasing number of tourists is attracted to explore this wonderful place. Try some of their famous barbecue dishes or book an evening dinner and have a taste of their locally caught fish with a wide range of veggies and sauces.

Porch and Parlour





If you’re taking the must-see walk from Bondi to Coogee, then there could be no better start than an early morning cup of coffee at this Bondi spot, serene and minimalistic, and devoid of too many distractions, so that you can completely immerse yourself in the moment and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.

Butcher and the Farmer

They boast a simple, but delicious menu of traditional meals, and they pride themselves on their locally grown animals, so each visitor has the chance to know where their meat of choice comes from and what it was fed. In addition to their exceptional culinary expertise, the restaurant allows you to complete your meals with some of Australia’s finest wines.

Mr. G’s Bar and Grill

Yearning for a good old American steak? Look no further than Mr. G’s! While many hip places around Sydney focus on vegetarian and vegan menus to offer variety to their clientele, this is heaven on Earth for true meat-lovers among you. Make sure not to miss out on their damn good cornbread to go with your T-bone steak, and you’ll start wondering if you’ve somehow moved to a New York steakhouse.