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Escape the chaos and enjoy Hamilton’s wonderful lifestyle with award-winning motel Argent Motor Lodge.

Escape the chaos and enjoy Hamilton’s wonderful lifestyle with award-winning motel Argent Motor Lodge.

Picturesque attractions, beautiful environment, fun activities, events, and more! Award-winning motel Argent Motor Lodge is located in New Zealand’s most liveable city.

Hamilton City Council’s recent development report calls the city “a place where you are close to beaches, the snow, river trails and with great schools and tertiary education providers. It’s a city that families are flocking to as they leave other expensive and congested cities.”

“One of the best things about Hamilton is the location,” says Argent Motor Lodge owner Graeme Hunt.

The city lies near the heart of North Island between two major sea ports, with Auckland just 127 km north and Tauranga only 105 km towards the east. Easy access to several other popular destinations such as Lake Taupo, Rotorua, and Raglan Beach also make Hamilton the ideal place to stop over during long road trips.

Waikato’s crown jewel the Hamilton Gardens embellishes the city with unique scenery, attracting hundreds of visitors every day from near and far.

“A relaxing walk or picnic at the gardens is the pinnacle of the serene lifestyle Hamilton provides and perfectly shows that the best things in life are free,” says Hunt.

The Hamilton Lake and Waikato River are picturesque aquatic wonders that give locals an ‘escape’ from the busy city life, inside the city! Who doesn’t love a good jog around the lake or taking the dogs for a walk along the river banks after work?

For those who seek a bit more action, there are a number of fun activities on offer. Take your pick from an outing to the Hamilton Zoo, a game of ten-pin bowling at Sky City, a dip in the pools at Waterworld, or an exciting shopping spree at New Zealand’s largest shopping centre, Te Awa/The Base.

Hamilton is also home to over 50 schools across the city, Wintec, and the triple crown accredited University of Waikato, making it the ideal family-friendly location.

Come and join Argent Motor Lodge in New Zealand’s most liveable city.


About Argent Motor Lodge:

Based in Hamilton, award-winning Argent Motor Lodge is right next door to the Waikato Hospital and close to Braemar Hospital as well as being only a few minutes’ drive to the City Centre, cycle trails and the world-famous Hamilton Gardens. Accommodation ranges from one-bedroom apartments to family apartments, with wheelchair-accessible facilities available upon request.


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Address: 27 Lorne Street, Hamilton, New Zealand

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Reservation Free phone: 0800 275 676

Website: http://www.argenthamilton.co.nz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/argentmotorlodge/

Email: info@argenthamilton.co.nz


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