Exploring the hidden gems of Aotearoa with Whakatane-based tour company Group Travel New Zealand.

Exploring the hidden gems of Aotearoa with Whakatane-based tour company Group Travel New Zealand.

Whakatane-based travel specialists Group Travel New Zealand take a lot of pride in being a 100% New Zealand owned tour company. The expert team provides customised tour plans that are ideal for individuals, couples, and small groups who want to explore the natural beauty of New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific Islands.

“We believe New Zealand is the best place in the world for people to visit,” says managing director, Roger Gallagher. Group Travel New Zealand has several fantastic packaged tours on offer which appeal to a wide variety of people. Travellers have the opportunity to enjoy up to 21 days being guided through New Zealand’s most picturesque attractions across the North Island and the South Island with a tour of their choice.

An additional luxurious 15-day guided tour ‘Off the Beaten Track’ also includes an exquisite food and wine experience. “Off the Beaten Track is our own design with pre-booked accommodation, transport and driver guide,” says Gallagher.

The company has a unique philosophy of conducting tours away from the large crowds. “Our goal is to show guests the roads less travelled. This is where a more authentic experience is created,” explain Gallagher. The team is deeply passionate about delivering authentic cultural experiences to guests by also showcasing Maori history and traditions. “For our guests, it’s their experience that counts and we feel very strongly about the quality of the New Zealand experience.”

Group Travel New Zealand puts quality customer service at the forefront of their business. “We show understanding and respect for others, for their privacy, their freedom to choose, and their right to object,” says Gallagher. With a strong care for people and the environment, the company truly exudes the spirit of humble Kiwi values in all its glory.

Gallagher welcomes travel enthusiasts from around the world to witness the beauty of ‘the land of the long white cloud’ with Group Travel New Zealand. “We are passionate locals keen to showcase the spectacular diversity of New Zealand landscapes and experiences.”


About Group Travel New Zealand:

Group Travel of New Zealand Ltd is a tour company providing customised tour plans for individuals, couples, and small groups into New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific Islands. They are a small team who are passionate about the beauty and hospitality of New Zealand.  They invite you to share our unique paradise and take home an everlasting memory of fun and friendships.


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