Food Trends - What to Watch Out For at Top Australian Eateries

Food Trends – What to Watch Out For at Top Australian Eateries

The whole fish trend goes Down Under.

If you want to know what’s hot and happening in the food world, you don’t need to look any further than some of Australia’s top restaurants and eateries. While 2017 may have been the year of the cronut and the kalette, 2018 is already serving up some great food trends that you should keep an eye on.

Whole Fish Dining

At Saint Peter, Sydney Franklin in Hobart you can try the whole fish trend. Gone is the humble fish fillet and now, on the table is the whole fish. Fish that’s really fresh from the sea seems to be a big hit with diners, and all the offal that was previously popped in the bin is now making it to the table.


If you’ve had a frosé, then you need to try a freezling. A portmanteau of Riesling and freezing, this is a frosé’s funkier sibling. Much like the Bitcoin trend in the USA, freezling’s have been a big hit in the States, and they now seem to be making their way Down Under. Give this next frontier in slushy-style fruit cocktails a try at a spot like Annata in Sydney, and see what the fuss is about.


Not quite a dining trend, but more one that chefs are using to create delicious dishes, paperbark is making headlines in 2018. It is an extension of the trend of using native Australian ingredients, and this bark is used for smoking or cooking both meat and vegetables. Its oils give off a delicate smoky flavour, and you can indulge your senses at Attica in Melbourne, and many other trend-setting restaurants.

Hangover Treat(ments)

House of Lulu White in Melbourne is just one of the many establishments that are catering to the partied out and hung over. If you’ve indulged a little too much the night before, or the morning after is making you feel a bit rough, then Berocca infused drinks, sugary and starchy snacks and fatty foods are going to make you feel so much better. Being hangover has clearly never been this fashionable.

Leaf to Root

Being eco-friendly is also hugely in fashion, and many chefs are looking for ways to reduce waste. This has inspired the root to leaf practice of using all parts of the vegetable in cooking, and shaved broccoli stems are suddenly a big hit. This trend has also emerged in meat, and you’ll find more dishes using parts of an animal that previously wouldn’t have made out the door of the butchery cropping up on the table. Urbane in Brisbane is one such place you’ll find this food trend in full swing.

Health Drinks

There’s a new type of smart drink in town and it’s not the chemically laden version from the rave scene in the 90’s, nor is it fresh pressed juice. Perfect for anyone concerned about their wellness but still wanting to have fun, venues like Superfluid in Melbourne are serving up tonics and mylks with organic ingredients designed to perk you up. These health drinks let you stay sober and still give you the pep to party, or they help counteract the effects of any alcohol drank, so you feel far less hung over the following day.

There’s a definite focus on health and reducing waste in 2018, and these top trends could well pave the way for similar ones to follow.