Global Engineering Company Oasis Engineering Sees Dairy Industry As One Of Its Biggest Consumers of Goods

Global Engineering Company Oasis Engineering Sees Dairy Industry As One Of Its Biggest Consumers of Goods

Oasis Engineering is an engineering and product development company situated in the City of Tauranga, New Zealand who are situated only 15 minutes from New Zealand’s biggest port and two hours south of New Zealand’s biggest city, Auckland.

“We are perfectly situated for exporting our high-quality products to our biggest international customers,” says Ricky Lee, Vice President of Business Development for USA and Canada.

Oasis Engineering’s biggest customers are currently in the Natural Gas industry. However, Oasis Engineering has experienced considerable success in the Food & Dairy industries.

Food safety has never been more tightly scrutinised. Operating conditions in food and beverage production are now lean, clean and frequently inspected.

Oasis Engineering is a long-time trusted brand for food, dairy and beverage valves and swivels. Made to be regularly serviced, with ultra-smooth finishes, Oasis Engineering equipment is a key part of many innovative food company’s plant.

In 1983, Bay Milk noticed a key issue that was affecting the dairy sector was the on-farm storage and handling of newly produced milk.

Unclean sections in the milk pipe, cleaning solutions being accidently added to milk and truck drivers were leaving the valves set wrong were just some of the issues they faced

Bay Milk engineers looked at 45 alternative valve solutions and still had nothing that suited. Oasis were tasked with finding a solution to this problem.

Oasis designed the three-way shutter valve while working closely with Q-Cons (Bay Milk’s quality assurance arm) built in some unique features.

The fully machined, polished food contact surfaces and adjustable shutter tensioning system ensure complete sealing and even shutter contact.

One of the key features is the CIP injection points (Clean In Place) which has resulted in this product being a standard feature on almost all New Zealand’s 14,000 milk holding vats.

For any solution, from any industry Oasis Engineering can help you find it. Talk with the professionals at Oasis Engineering today to get the conversation started.

By Andy Murray


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