Gosford Park Equine are industry leaders in training and producing the best quality international class horses.

Gosford Park Equine are industry leaders in training and producing the best quality international class horses.

GPBased in the Waikato heartland of Te Awamutu, Gosford Park Equine are leading trainers and producers of racehorse, event, show horses and ponies.

For the past four years the family run Gosford Park Equine have become leaders in pre-training spelling, isolation, buying and selling for the international market as well as consulting to the rapidly developing Chinese horse industry.

Ideal for anyone in the horse racing industry and top end competitors in the sport horse industry, Gosford Park Equine have been successful in every part of the horse industry in which it has participated,  says Richard Otto, owner and trainer at Gosford Park.

Richard Otto brings a wealth of experience to the hands-on operation.

He is a successful horse trainer and has a great eye for any type of horse whether it be racing or sport. He has also trained winners of  many of the major races in New Zealand and Australia. He has even had a runner in the Melbourne Cup at the age of 20, making him one youngest trainers to have achieved such a distinction.

Natacha Otto is the number one show rider in New Zealand and is an expert at presentation and conditioning of horses.

Richard and Natacha’s lifetime of experience blends perfectly together to give their clients the best results possible.

Richard credits Gosford Park Equine’s success to their hard work and hands on approach. “Attention to detail is a big factor as winning doesn’t come easy. There is a lot of hard work and dedication involved,” adds Richard.

Some successful business accomplishments for GP Equine have been numerous. “Buying and producing horses to go on to be successful all over the world, in all equine areas, has given us great satisfaction” says Richard.

The core values at Gosford Park Equine include hard work, success and always putting their animals first at all times.

As for the future, Richard wants Gosford Park Equine to be “Regarded as one of the leading equine agents in the world,”


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