Hamilton-based cleaning company Clean Rite Carpet Cleaning are the leading specialists in upholstery and furniture cleaning.

Hamilton-based cleaning company Clean Rite Carpet Cleaning are the leading specialists in upholstery and furniture cleaning.

Bring your tired and old furniture back to life with the upholstery and furniture cleaning experts, Hamilton based Clean Rite Carpet Cleaning.

When you first bought the furniture your home, you surely gave them a lot of care and upkeep. However, time and life can make them appear dull and dingy, so now is a great time to do something about that! A good upholstery and furniture clean can do amazing things for your furniture and your home in general.

Clean Rite Carpet Cleaning utilises highlight advanced tools and advanced cleaning agents that thoroughly clean your upholstery and furniture. “People are always amazed how great their upholstery and furniture can look after a thorough cleaning,” says Robin Thomsen from Clean Rite Carpet Cleaning.

People, pets, and anything else that may have been on your furniture will have most likely have left some smelly odours behind. An upholstery and furniture clean will remove any bad odour’s that plague your furniture and make your furniture and upholstery smell and feel new and fresh again.

Clean Rite Carpet Cleaning extremely qualified and trained team are skilled and experienced in applying different cleaning techniques deepening on construction and materials. An expert upholstery and furniture clean can also extend the life of your furniture. “So your favourite chair or sofa will just be like the day you brought it,” adds Robin.

Those that have allergies greatly benefit from an upholstery and furniture clean. This cleaning process can remove allergens such as pet dander, soil, and dust. “Our professional upholstery cleaning service can provide you with a healthier home,” adds Robin

Breathe new life into your old furniture by contacting the friendly and professional team at Clean Rite Carpet Cleaning today. They will be happy to discuss your needs and come to a solution that will leave you happy and satisfied.


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