Hamilton-based solar heating specialists A&A Solar and Electrical are saving the environment with a vision to increase the use of renewable energy.

Hamilton-based solar heating specialists A&A Solar and Electrical are saving the environment with a vision to increase the use of renewable energy.

Hamilton-based solar heating specialists A&A Solar and Electrical are avid environmentalists who have a vision to help New Zealand increase the use of renewable energy to 100%. The company provides exceptional heat pump and solar panel installation services to residential and commercial customers in the Waikato.

Electricity is one of the most vital parts of our daily life. Households, vehicles, and businesses depend on it and humans would struggle to live without it. However, energy extracted from non-renewable sources such as oil and coal are causing severe harm to our precious planet.

Over the past few years, New Zealand has put a large emphasis on using renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions. According to the recent report ‘Energy in New Zealand 2018’ by the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE), 39.6% of all energy used in New Zealand last year was renewable. The new Labour government’s target is that all electricity generation should be from renewable sources by 2035, and A&A Solar and Electrical support this initiative.

Owners Andy Cooper and Andy Mann are incredibly passionate about preserving the Earth’s non-renewable resources by encouraging households to use solar energy instead of fossil fuels. “One of the main benefits of solar power is that it reduces air pollution because generating electricity with solar panels does not emit any greenhouse gases into the atmosphere,” says Cooper.

Not only this, but the sun is the world's most abundant energy source, producing approximately 173,000 terawatts of solar energy every second. The best part is that unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is renewable which means the Earth will never run out of it.

“Many large countries are already depleting the Earth’s resources by overusing oil and coal, but we want New Zealand to be different,” says Cooper. “We fully support households and businesses wanting to make the switch to solar energy. The efficient and clean energy is beneficial to the environment and will also help you reduce your power bill,” advises Cooper.

“We specialise in all commercial, industrial, residential, farming & agriculture heating solutions. We can recommend and install the best solar panels for great value,” says Mann.

A&A use top tier products from YHI, a leading solar supplier, including ReneSola, Enphase, SMA, Delta and the new battery integrated hybrid system by Solax.


About A&A Solar and Electrical

A&A Solar and Electrical are your number-one suppliers of solar power in the Waikato. Specialising in commercial, domestic and rural solar installations, they are the perfect choice for those wishing to embrace the rapidly growing efficiency of solar power!

To learn more about how A&A Solar and Electrical can help you save money by switching to solar, visit their new website! http://www.aaasolar.co.nz/


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