Hamilton Hairdressers, The Engine Room, are the leaders in allergen free hair dyes.

Hamilton Hairdressers, The Engine Room, are the leaders in allergen free hair dyes.


For most of us, having our hair dyed is an exciting change to our look but for some people it can be dangerous due to having allergic reactions to the harmful chemicals that can be in hair dyes.hait


“An allergic reaction to hair dye can prove to be just as serious as a nut or shellfish allergy especially if you’re someone who’s prone to allergic reactions,” says leading Hamilton Hairdresser Kaleb Phillippe, owner of the popular The Engine Room.


Allergies to hair dye might cause irritation that often affects the scalp, forehead, hairline, neck region, eyelids or ears.


This will result in an itchy and tingling sensation, urticaria or nettlerash, inflamed patches, flaky red rashes, lesions, generally feeling unwell and at times anaphylaxis.


“There are many other symptoms of allergic reactions to hair dyes which may vary from one person to another and the symptoms often begin showing within two to three days from the time you dye your hair,” advises Kaleb.


“We understand that people have a variety of skin conditions and most dyes do not cater for this so we go through extensive product search and testing to find the most organic, free from harmful chemicals and allergens products on the market,” says Kaleb.


The Engine Room in Hamilton are committed to providing organic based, natural products that deliver superior allergen-free results for all of their clients.


“At The Engine Room we stand behind the products we use with our intense quality control system.  So we can guarantee you great and long lasting colour. We seek out suppliers that have the same commitment and values we do,” says Kaleb.


Biomagic Hair Colour Cream is an innovative and new way to colour your hair.


Biomagic Hair Colour Cream is a specially created formula to be ammonia free, resorcinol free and PPD free. “This colour cream is ideal for those who have a sensitive scalp,” says Kaleb


“Even if you don’t normally have allergic reactions to hair dye the products that we use are healthier for your hair than ones fill with harmful chemicals,” adds Kaleb.


“Changing your hair colour should be an exciting time not one fraught with dangerous side effects. If you are worried about hair dye allergens come in and see us as we are happy to discuss with you about how to get the best results without the nasty side effects,” advises Kaleb.


At The Engine Room in Hamilton, all tastes and budgets are catered for and with its focus on natural and organic products. Go see the expert team at The Engine Room at their new salon at 564 Victoria Street, Hamilton, New Zealand.



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