How to Pack for a Winter Vacation in New Zealand

How to Pack for a Winter Vacation in New Zealand

If New Zealand has always been on your bucket list but you’ve never actually done anything to make your dream come true – it’s about time you did that already! This is particularly true if you’re a fan of the winter wonderland, as winter is almost around the corner in this gorgeous country, so keep on reading and learn how to pack for a winter vacation in New Zealand. Just check out our useful tips and get down to business!


Make sure to bring the essential snow gear…

Winter temperatures average around 8 degrees Celsius in New Zealand, which means that frosty nights are quite common across the country. So, if you plan to go skiing, hiking, snowboarding, dog-sledding, or any other kind of outdoor activity at Mount Ruapehu, you definitely have to bring the essential snow gear. A waterproof jacket is an absolute must, so make sure to pick one that’s warm, comfy, and gives you enough room to move, which is particularly important because you’ll probably wear a few layers of clothes underneath it. Besides that, your jacket should have a lot of pockets and be quick to dry. Apart from the jacket, you should also get a pair of hiking pants that are fully waterproof and have solid baseline insulation.


… As well as thermals and beanies

When it comes to thermals such as long johns and long-sleeve tops, we must say that you simply have to pack these together with the aforementioned snow gear. Thermals are really worth it, and the good thing is that they can form the base of your winter outfits and keep you warm by trapping a layer of warmth close to your skin. Trust us when we say that you’ll feel the difference if you decide not to wear them. Merino wool is a fantastic choice for your winter vacation simply because it’s known for regulating body temperature, and it also has a natural odour resistance which means less washing. Aside from thermals, beanies are absolutely unavoidable, too, so bring at least two pieces with fleece lining on the inside that will keep your ears and forehead extra warm.


Proper footwear is an absolute must

Do we even have to emphasize the importance of proper footwear on a winter vacation? We don’t think so, but let us say it once again – a pair of comfy boots to keep your toes warm is a true necessity, so don’t forget to pack it for your New Zealand vacation. In fact, we recommend packing at least two comfy pairs to switch between and the reason for that is more than good. Even the most comfortable shoes can start to hurt a bit if you wear them three or four days in a row, so be sure to bring a backup in case it happens. On the other hand, you should also bring a pair of stylish leather men’s boots you’ll get to wear when you aren’t skiing or hiking, so that you can look classy and trendy while keeping your feet warm at the same time.


Think in layers – it’ll save you a lot of space

As mentioned above, layering your clothes is crucial if you want to stay warm on a cold winter day, but what does it really mean? Well, it means that you should start with your favourite T-shirt, the one you love to wear when it’s sunny and warm. That’s the first layer. Then pick a long-sleeve shirt or a blouse, the one you can wear over a T-shirt. That’s the second layer. Now think of your favourite fleece, a piece that will slip nicely over the entire outfit, and that’s the third layer. The last layer should be your waterproof jacket and voila – you’ve mastered the art of layering! Once you start thinking about your clothing like this, it’ll help you select clothes that work well with other garments in terms of fit, style, and colour, which means that you’ll be able to come up with several combos with just a few basic pieces. Apart from being quite practical, this technique will also save up room in your suitcase, which is the benefit that mustn’t be overlooked!


As you can tell, there are so many things you should bear in mind before you start packing for a winter vacation in New Zealand. However, these four tips are undoubtedly the most useful ones out there, so make sure to stick to them if you want to accomplish this task like a true pro. When that’s done, the only thing left is to head straight to New Zealand!