Is Sex a Problem for You on Valentine's Day?

Is Sex a Problem for You on Valentine’s Day?

Jacqui-Olliver-500For millions of women around the world, Valentine's Day equates to the thought, "Is this the day I will finally orgasm during intercourse?" For millions of men there's the worry and dread of hoping that he can keep his erection hard - or stay in control long enough, to ensure his partner is fulfilled on this most special day of the year for women.

Success is of vital importance to men and failing to perform as a man has dire consequences for his morale as well as his self esteem. Worrying about sex problems including premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction causes a huge amount of performance anxiety. This kind of ongoing, intense mental pressure can actually make a man avoid engaging in any sexual activity on Valentine's Day.

"The lead up to Valentine's day is extremely stressful for men with these problems, due to excessive mental and emotional pressure caused by worrying about their ability to perform," says Jacqui Olliver, The Ultimate Sex Strategist at End the Problem. "This is often why men appear to be moody and emotionally unavailable leading up to the big day. What a romance killer for his unsuspecting partner, who has such high hopes and expectations of a romance filled day and night."

With all the hype and buzz associated  with Valentine's Day, a woman who can't orgasm on that day will often feel robbed, betrayed and disappointed. Jacqui says, "For women, being unable to orgasm during intercourse makes sex less fulfilling - more of a chore and an ongoing disappointment. Even if her partner is romantic and pays attention to her during that day, romance on Valentine's just isn't the same, without the final moment in the bedroom being defined by the ultimate pleasure of both partners."

Many couples try to convince themselves that it doesn't matter - that it's enough just to be with their partner, to be close, to feel connected - and some couples are able to achieve some degree of mutual acceptance. But for too many others, the reality of sex is ongoing disappointment. Silently each partner yearns to feel sexually fulfilled, to be able to reach a mutually fulfilling completion of the sexual act.

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