Keep your pup safe this summer with these tips from New Zealand’s leading dog treats and subscription box, PupPost!

Keep your pup safe this summer with these tips from New Zealand’s leading dog treats and subscription box, PupPost!

Our pups enjoy summer just as much as we do! The warm summer weather means fun, sun, and lots of outdoors activities. New Zealand’s leading dog treats and subscription box share a few safety tips that will hopefully make the warmest of all seasons safe for your dog.

Make sure you protect your pup’s paws! When the sun is beating down surfaces like asphalt can get really hot! Not only can it burn paws but it can also increase your dog’s body temperature which can lead to overheating. “Don't walk your dog during the day's highest heat and humidity, which is usually between 1 and 4 PM,” says Anna Whatford, from PupPost.

You may think leaving your pup in your vehicle for a few minutes is alright but it can quickly lead to heat stroke in dogs. Even if windows are cracked, on a 30°C day the temperature inside your car can reach 39°C in less than five minutes and in 30 minutes it goes up to 49°C.

Dogs aren’t very good at keeping themselves cool. Dogs sweat primarily through their feet so paying attention to their paws is vitally important. To help keep your pup cool try half filling a shallow kiddie pool for your dog to bathe in and just make sure your dog can get in and out easily.

“Doggie ice blocks is another great way to give your dog a cooling treat on a hot day. Just freeze your dog’s favourite treat in water in an ice-cream container to make one!,” suggests Anna.

Animals can also suffer from sunburn. You can get friendly sunscreen to rub on the tips of their ears, on the end of their nose, and on their stomach. However, do not apply normal sunscreen to your pup as it ingredients include zinc oxide, which can be toxic to animals.

This summer when preparing YOUR Christmas food, it’s hard to resists our furry little friends who want to have their share of Christmas lunch! Apples, potatoes (can be given plain, mashed, or boiled with nothing else added) carrots (steamed or raw), steamed green beans or greens and turkey (so long as fat, skin and bones are removed) are safe in small amounts for your pup.

Foods that you can’t give your dog include gravy (too fatty and too salty stuffing), turkey and chicken skin and bones (skin is too fatty and bones can easily splinter, making them a choking hazard), Christmas cake and mince pies contain raisins, currants, and sultanas which can be fatal for your dog.

“Remember that even with the foods that are okay for you to feed your pets only small amounts are recommended,” says Anna.


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