Leading Farming and Soil Nutrition Company Uptake Enjoy Success in Trial Fertilizer Applications

Leading Farming and Soil Nutrition Company Uptake Enjoy Success in Trial Fertilizer Applications

By Ciaran Warner

Fertilizer company Uptake NZ have recently been trialing some new fertilizer applications – with significant results.

Based in Taupo, New Zealand, Uptake was founded in 1984 with the goal of improving and sustaining the soil, plant and stock quality of Kiwi farmers.

“We are all about soil, plant and animal health and nutrition – starting at the soil first,” says veteran farmer John Davis, owner of Uptake.

One of their more recent endeavours has been the application of their fertilizer to the manuka trees of a mixed farm in South Wairarapa, as a means of boosting the production of honey.

“It was just an idea we put together, and the results have been pretty outstanding,” says John.

“After this first season…well, crikey. I don’t know if twelve kilos extra from the hives is a coincidence or not, but at $600-700 extra per hive, it’s definitely worth looking into,” says farm owner Shane.

Shane, as well as farming sheep and cows, has incorporated beekeeping over the past several years, and is pleased with the results.

“We’re pretty fortunate that Gordon Rajendram has come and worked alongside us, with his scientific background, he’s helped me immensely,” says John.

Dr Rajendram, a scientist at agricultural company Eurofins, says that “fine particle application is better than granular, in terms of response and amounts.”

Uptake’s mission is to improve the quality of farm soil and everything it produces and sustains.

“The public wants good healthy produce that is safe to eat.  It is not happening.  Too many chemicals & supplements are being poured into the soil, plants & animals,” says John.

“The good news is Uptake provides a better solution, answers and creates opportunities to meet the market demand.”

Check out their new video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_OEDfkinb8


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