Leading New Zealand Engineering Company Oasis Engineering Combine Top-Quality Products With Efficient Service and On-Time Delivery

Leading New Zealand Engineering Company Oasis Engineering Combine Top-Quality Products With Efficient Service and On-Time Delivery

By Ciaran Warner

As a company with a vision to achieve and a high standard to uphold, the leading New Zealand-based engineering company Oasis Engineering have a simple but central message – delivery in full, on time, within specification.

“Oasis is world renowned for our ability to customize specific products to suit our customers applications which is something that most companies will not or cannot do,” says Oasis Engineering’s Vice President of Business Development for USA and Canada, Ricky Lee.

“Our product lead times are also some of the shortest in the industry, and our delivery record of parts that are within specification is over 98.5%.”

Located in the increasingly thriving port city of Tauranga, Oasis Engineering lead the field with high-quality products that are used in essential aspects of a wide variety of industries, including dairy, energy and transport, and are experts on the use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in their creations.

Ricky says their products are particularly cost-effective, as the superior quality and life cycles ensure the parts will run at full efficiency for far longer, meaning less cost spent on maintenance or replacement parts.

“The parts can be serviced in the field with our cost-effective service kits, and the higher flow parameters also help customers fuel faster, which in turn generates more revenue in a shorter amount of time,” Ricky says.

Valves, nozzles, couplers and many other such products are available through Oasis, and can be purchased off-the-shelf or professionally custom-machined to the most exact specifications, making Oasis Engineering the perfect choice for specialist requirements.

Whatever your requirements, Oasis is dedicated to making them available.

“We will listen carefully to your needs and align our expertise with your experience to produce an optimal solution for your application,” says Ricky.

“We don’t just make statements – we deliver on them.”

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