Leading New Zealand financial consulting business Arbez are bringing a fresh perspective for start-up business.

Leading New Zealand financial consulting business Arbez are bringing a fresh perspective for start-up business.

Leading New Zealand financial consulting business Arbez offer you a wide range of free services, including financial, business and legal.

With more than 40 years of collective work experience across a wide variety of industries, fields and professions, “At Arbez we will bring you the right expert at the right time,” comments Founder and Owner Alex Talopau.

The Arbez mission is to ‘introduce and implement a new way of doing things that will inspire people to dream, believe and realise their potential’.

Coming from humble Island beginnings, Alex brings with him an extensive business experience and always keeps other people in mind, thinking about how ideas will benefit others and not just himself. “We do things differently at Arbez, it’s about the ‘We’ not the ‘Me’”, says Alex.

Though it has only be in in business since May 2018, Arbez has already won the ‘Start Up of The Year’ at the Samoa Business Network Awards. The Samoa Business Network Awards are a celebration of entrepreneurial excellence. Alex also has previously owned an accountancy firm in Auckland and had a successful taxi business in Samoa.

Valuing trust, honesty, doing more with less and a having a community mindset, Arbez is ideal for start-up businesses, churches, charities, tradies, self-employed, first home buyers and pacific Island communities. “We welcome all our new members with an offer of a free warrant of financial fitness,” says Alex.

Alex also firmly believes that we have access to an abundance of resources, but people aren’t always aware of how to make the best use of these resource.

This warrant of financial fitness will establish your current financial position, know where you have come from, and understand where you want to go. “From this point, we will support, guide and partner with you to ensure that you will achieve your goals,” adds Alex.

Business goals for Arbez include 5000 members within 12 months in New Zealand, then focusing on the rest of the world and for Arbez to become a household name.

The friendly professionals at Arbez can offer you range of quality financial and health services, with the focus on helping business start-ups, self-employed, first home buyers, churches and charities.

Take your first step on the pathway to your financial freedom by contacting the Arbez team today.


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