Leading New Zealand Luggage and Travel Accessories Supplier Voyager Provide Products That Ensure Safety And Security When Travelling

Leading New Zealand Luggage and Travel Accessories Supplier Voyager Provide Products That Ensure Safety And Security When Travelling

By Ciaran Warner

Planning some summer adventures abroad, or maybe a Christmas jaunt to see friends and family? Whatever your travel plans, the highly-respected brands supplied by Voyager Group can provide you with not only style and convenience, but security too.

The top-quality travel items and accessories from Voyager come equipped with security features aplenty to ensure that the things you take with you will stay with you.

An excellent example of style and security in equal measure is the Swiss Alps Anti-Theft backpack, which has a wide array of safety features including cut-proof material, hidden zippers and several secret pockets!

“Every day 400,000 pick pocket incidents occur worldwide. Never worry about this happening to you with the Swiss Alps Anti-Theft backpack,” says Lance Best, Managing Director at Voyager Luggage.

“Its genius lies in the hidden zippers that are tucked away from sight in the back of the bag. No thief will be able to find the opening of your bag, thus won’t be able to access your valuables.”

The backpack’s security is matched only by its convenience, as it comes equipped with such handy features as an integrated USB charge port, tablet and laptop pockets, adjustable open angles and more!

For those looking to really beef up their travelling security, Voyager also supplies travel accessories designed to go the extra mile in ensuring the safety of such essentials as passports and credit cards.

Designed by Korjo, a well-respected brand whose products are available at leading retailers throughout the country, the Korjo RFID Money Pouches and Money Belts provide a means of shielding your valuables from even advanced forms of theft.

“Passports and credit cards with embedded smart chips are designed to be read by RFID readers - but can therefore be read by thieves that have a reader.  So your ID information - passport number, name, etc - are vulnerable,” Lance says.

“The Korjo RFID Money Pouch has a patented embedded RFID Shielding Substrate which prevents RFID theft.”

Wherever your travel plans take you, Voyager can help ensure the security of the things that matter most.

To find a stockist near you, visit the Voyager Luggage website here!


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