Leading Wholesaler Voyager Luggage is New Zealand distributor for premium brand, Antler Luggage

Leading Wholesaler Voyager Luggage is New Zealand distributor for premium brand, Antler Luggage

Voyager Luggage is a proud distributor of Antler products.

by Andy Murray

Voyager Luggage, a leading Tauranga-based luggage wholesaler which has been in the travel industry since 2001, has been proudly distributing Antler products since 2008.

Voyager Luggage has always had a positive outlook on international travel and understands that the desire to see the world will never be lost by many travellers.

The travel world went through some tough times in the early years of Voyager Luggage. Challenges that made a major impact on the travel industry especially included unforgettable events such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks, SARS and Bird-Flu outbreaks and the Global Financial Crisis.

“Having been through the likes of 9/11 and the Global Financial Crisis and being able to come out smiling on the other side means we are doing things right by our customers and Antler Luggage has really helped us with offering them what they want,” says Voyager Luggage Managing Director Lance Best who has had Antler Luggage in his catalogue since the Global Financial Crisis was at its peak.

Products like those manufactured by Antler Luggage in the UK have stood the test of time. Antler has been designing and manufacturing luggage since 1914 and have proven to themselves and their customers that their products are of premium quality and can easily compete with many of the leading brands with near identical build quality and durability.

“As a business operator I feel a duty beyond developing my customer base. I want to be able to inspire my customers to travel and see the world and do so in the safest and most enjoyable way,” says Best when asked about his business goals.

Having a social media presence that offers customers and followers tips and advice on best practice for travel is important to Best and his staff as they know it can be something very minor that can cause disruptions to travel plans and take the joy out of a trip.

Lance and his team feel a duty to give back to their customers in the form of engaging social media posts that offer sound advice and tips to offer peace of mind for travellers that are planning another holiday.

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