The Living Beyond Series with Helen Puente and Jessica Edelbaum comes to Taupo for its official launch this March.

The Living Beyond Series with Helen Puente and Jessica Edelbaum comes to Taupo for its official launch this March.

Launching in Taupo on March 17th, the Living Beyond Series is brought to you by talented speakers Helen Puente and Jessica Edelbaum who want to encourage others to explore what is in their hearts.

The Living Beyond Series will provide you with the practical skills to establish healthy habits and choices. It will also support you to unlearn conditioning that no longer aligns with your most authentic self.

The Living Beyond series is perfect for those who wants to start living their best lives. “This master class will be fabulous for Individuals who want to learn how to manifest the law of attraction and get more of what they want out of life.  It can also benefit those who are already genuinely happy in their lives and relationship and are looking for additional skills to bring them even more joy,” adds Jessica, who lives in Taranaki.

Instead of just engaging on a surface level, Helen and Jessica utilise their wealth of advanced coaching techniques to pinpoint the heart of the matter. Jessica and Helen have a combined 40 years of experience ranging from collaborating with individuals, families, communities, NGOs and Blue Chip Companies.

Helen Puente, lives in Taupo and is an accredited Coach through the John Maxwell Team and a certified Identity Coach.  She has 30 years combined experience in corporate and not for profit organisations. Helen comments, “I have seen time and again the same frustrations and questions arise in the hearts of man, who am I am and what is my purpose.  I have agonised over these key notions in my own journey and through growing and developing myself with intention would like to share some of what I have learned along the way.”

Jessica Edelbaum is a certified Life Coach, who also holds a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy and Graduate Certificates in Expressive Arts and Addiction Counselling.

“I am passionate about co-creating healthy connections in relationship with self, others, creativity, and nature. I get stoked when I experience people courageously choosing the path that results in more freedom,” says Jessica. Her experience also includes collaborating in an integrative health clinic, schools, homes, wilderness and in the field of early childhood.

Both Jessica and Helen pride themselves on being approachable, down to Earth and person centred.  “We know the importance of relationships and adapting to keep your best interest at the centre of what we do,” comments Helen.

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Saturday, 17th March 2018 - 10:00am

2 Wakeman Road, Taupo, New Zealand, 3377


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