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Make the switch from paper gift cards to plastic ones says Hamilton based loyalty and gift card experts – Rubio.

Make the switch from paper gift cards to plastic ones says Hamilton based loyalty and gift card experts – Rubio.

dvdsNew research has revealed that plastic gift cards increase sales by 50% to 100% over paper gift cards.


Commenting on the research is Hamilton-based Rubio’s Chief Executive Officer John-Paul Mclean:


“This is great news for retailers, as there are many benefits to having plastic gift cards including the ease of use, efficient reporting methods for merchants and increased security measures,”.


“In today’s technologically advanced world paper gift cards are stuck in the past,” says John-Paul.


“Paper gift cards or certificates generally are numbered and require manual tracking by staff members, as they largely don’t have an adequate real time system to monitor activity. For retailers Plastic Gift Cards provide an added bonus of a database which tracks amounts spent” he says.


It’s also helpful for knowing what a company’s gift card liability really is. Having a database through internet access lists what cards are outstanding, the balance on those cards, the date each was activated and the store where it was purchased.


“If a customer buys a gift for $25 using a $50 gift card, the system recognises that the card still carries a balance of $25 until it is used again. This was not an option with the paper certificates and ensures that the gift money stays within the company,” says John-Paul.  Not only can you track the activity of the card, but it also entices the customer to return back to your store.

Another benefit of having Plastic Gift cards over paper ones is that they’re harder to imitate and require activation to be used and contain other security features to help minimize the risk of theft and fraud.


“Retailers looking to target the technology-minded generations and want to keep with the latest innovations in gift card technology should seriously think about switching to plastic gift cards.” adds John-Paul



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