How to make your wedding fun for your guests

How to make your wedding fun for your guests

There are many clever ways to make your day one for your guests to remember. These ideas range from quirky to thoughtful, whether it is a gift or a fun interactive activity. Whatever it may be, having little extras throughout your event will keep everyone entertained and happy.


The ceremony is a time where everyone is waiting for guests to be seated, the bridal party to arrive and the highly anticipated bridal march to begin. This allows for the perfect opportunity for guests to interact with whatever you have in store for them. Try some of these:

  • Programmes - instead of your average paper programmes turn these into fans for your guests by adding a handle, perfect for those waiting in the hot summer sun, or a stuffy chapel.
  • Flowers for guests - have a basket at the entrance to your ceremony with short stemmed daisies and a sign reading. “Flowers for your hair” encouraging guests to accessorise their outfit with a flower to match.
  • Tell your story - have a walk-through gallery of images from your history together. These images can be accompanied by captions or simply be in chronological order to tell their own story. This allows for your guests to deeply appreciate what they are there to celebrate and can entertain as they make their way to be seated.


Throughout the reception guests will mingle amongst themselves accompanied by music and good food, most people are quite content with the basics. However never underestimate how special the details can be when done well so give these a try:

  • Favours - A small gift for your guests to take home to remember the occasion. These can be given by placing on each table setting or on a table for guests to collect as they leave. They do not have to be expensive gifts, just a small token of your gratitude for them making the effort to attend.
  • Photo Booth - A photo booth inspires all sorts of beautiful, hilarious and embarrassing images as people get involved and enjoy themselves more. It also provides your guests with a keepsake to take home. Most hired photo booths allow the print outs to be personalised with your wedding logo and even give you a removable disk of images at the end of the event for your own collection of memories for the day.
  • Pamper emergency kits - a small basket of first aid supplies, safety pins, beauty products and treats in the bathroom can be a special surprise and come in handy for the guest who has lost a button or has been dancing so much they need to touch up their deodorant.
  • Save those feet - Try placing a basketful of cheap vandals near the dance floor. Your guests will thank you after hours of being on their feet in high heels and you will find more people will stay dancing for longer.