Managing Director of Tauranga-based, award-winning Oasis Engineering sees importance in loyalty, confidence and trust

Managing Director of Tauranga-based, award-winning Oasis Engineering sees importance in loyalty, confidence and trust

Andy Cameron in his factory in Judea, Tauranga

With a vision for the future and goals to seek global sales, Andy Cameron developed a new outlook for Oasis Engineering when he came on board as Managing Director in 2003

“I took over the Oasis Engineering workshop and turned it into a factory, I’m very comfortable with growth”.

His loyalty to the existing staff at Oasis has paid off as they are now exceeding their own expectations, “In the early days one of our staff said that one day we will make batches of over 100 units. Nowadays we are doing a batch order of 6,000 and at times it’s hard to comprehend the growth that we are experiencing as a company,” says Cameron.

Cameron started his life in Taupo alongside his three siblings before heading to Otago University where he completed a double major in Mining and Metallurgy. This led him to an extensive and distinguished career in the mining industry where he proved his worth for many companies.

Cameron’s mining career started in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, before moving back home to Waihi Gold to be with his soon-to-be wife, Jane. The Camerons had four young children, Hamish, Mark, Katie and Lucy.

Andy had jobs around the world that he couldn’t pass up and being the family man he is it meant his family came with him to destinations that included Sumatra, Mali and Ghana.

When Cameron’s eldest children were getting to the age where continuous international travel and time away from their father was taking its toll Cameron decided it was time to settle down in New Zealand and hang up his mining hat.

“My role in the mining industry was largely based on cutting costs for the benefit of the shareholders which equates to cutting jobs which I never enjoyed. Being able to leave that negativity behind was good,” said Cameron about his transition from the mining industry to owning Oasis Engineering.

Oasis Engineering was a small engineering firm that sold dairy tank fittings to the likes of Fonterra at the time he purchased it. Cameron bought it with intentions of growing the company well beyond what many thought possible.

The CNG industry is what has opened doors for Oasis Engineering and turned it into a global business.

That came about by Andy travelling on economy class flights, staying in the cheapest hotels he could find and walking to businesses to pitch his CNG products to them.

“It was an easy sell because my team at Oasis had developed products that were more resilient and performed better under harsh conditions than any other manufacturer in the world,” says Cameron. Their products are tested in house and have been proven to be the safest and most reliable solution on the market.

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