MediaPA Emerges In Social Media World

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn. All of these social media products are fast becoming ingrained in our everyday lives, replacing traditional media such as newspapers, radio and television, reports Grace King.

Now, there is a new company using all social media to personally link businesses and their customers.
Introducing Hamilton-based MediaPA, a new innovation to the online community, combining social media, public relations and events to create a unique opportunity for businesses.
Utilising the international powerhouse Facebook, MediaPA creates a platform for personal contact with customers, providing a strong link between people and their online world.
Although still a fledgling business, MediaPA already has several large-scale contracts, including Bidvest, an international food distribution company, top Harcourts real estate agent Shaun Cosgrove, and Australian based equine research company Cortaflex.
Along with their Australian contracts, they are also responding to expressed interest from a Shanghai-based company in China to utilise their services.

MeidaPA managing director Phillip Quay calls this “a wonderful testimony to the rapidly growing impact internationally of MediaPA.”
Phillip Quay, an ex-journalist with over 20 years’ experience in the media world, has worked for international media company Fairfax for 15 years, and also iconic companies such as Konica Minolta and The Gallagher Group. He has also worked with current National Party Members of Parliment Louise Upston and Tim MacIndoe in the area of PR.
With his wealth of experience and his vision of combining the social media savvy youth with the worldly knowledge of older industry experts, Quay is set to build an online media powerhouse to rival that of traditional media outlets. His vision of this has been solidified by the addition of Wintec second year student

Max Brooks and award-winning PR and Communications graduate Samantha Corban, as well as the commissioning of a group of young adults and teens to keep up to date with the online world for their clients.
This innovative new business is exactly what the Media/Public Relations world needs: A shakeup!

Further information contact: Phillip Quay: or 0274 587724

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