New Zealand company takes on

New Zealand company takes on

A New Zealand company is taking on major international booking websites with a new product that allows motels and hotels the freedom to offer better room rates directly to guests.Image result for online travel

Travel Boost, created by Hamilton-based company MediaPA, is already seeing results with clients reporting up to a 200 per cent increase in direct bookings.

Travel Boost utilises an exclusive Facebook app and targeted social media marketing to drive direct bookings ‒ cutting out websites like and Expedia.

“We could see that accommodation providers were getting tired of these big, offshore booking websites ruling the roost,” says MediaPA owner Phillip Quay.

“That drove us to find an easy, effective solution for hotel and motel owners to offer their best prices to their guests directly.”

Paihia Beach Resort and Spa owner Lyndsey Morrison says Travel Boost has had huge success in increasing direct bookings.

“During the past 12 months, our resort has increased direct bookings from 25 per cent in previous years, to almost 75 per cent this coming season,” she says.

With 75 per cent of bookings coming from direct inquiries rather than third-party websites, Paihia Beach Resort and Spa can now offer their clients more competitive rates.

It’s estimated that up to 98 per cent of bookings are made through online services such as, Expedia and Trivago, according to recent media reports.

These websites take a cut of each booking and impose contract restrictions that prevent accommodation providers from offering better prices on their own websites.

This has created a situation where motels and hotels are having to overcharge customers in order to afford to advertise via these websites, Phillip says.

“This is why we’re starting to see the accommodation industry revolt. Travel Boost allows them to take the power back.”

The Commerce Commission launched an investigation into anti-competitive nature of these clauses, which caused and Expedia to amend their terms and conditions.

“For accommodation providers that opt to use these websites, the rules are still very restrictive.”

Phillip says Travel Boost cuts out the extra costs associated with third-party websites and gives accommodation providers the freedom to set fair and competitive prices.

“This is the only way that guests can obtain the best room rates – direct contact with the accommodation provider.”

Phillip says more accommodation providers are choosing Travel Boost to bypass third-party websites like

MediaPA has been providing New Zealand business with a complete solution for online marketing for the past five years.

Travel Boost is the company’s customised product for the travel industry, employing cutting-edge technology with quality social media and content marketing, connecting businesses with their customers directly.

“No longer do motels and hotels have to rely on these sites for bookings – with Travel Boost these businesses can deal directly with their customers and charge prices which are affordable and bring more customers to their doorsteps.”


For media enquiries contact:

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