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Protect your business with the business insurance experts, Hamilton based insuranceBASE.

Protect your business with the business insurance experts, Hamilton based insuranceBASE.

Life is full of surprises: some good, some bad.zdcvds

Insurance is an issue every business owner needs to consider, according to the experts at one of Hamilton’s leading insurance advisors, Hamilton-based insuranceBASE.

Business insurance used to protect the business and the business owner should unforeseen events happen to the business.

“Business insurance can now come in many forms. What a business will require depends on the type of industry it operates in, as well as how the business and ownership is structured,” says Hamilton-based Jason Hennessey Registered Financial Adviser at insuranceBASE

The impact of an uninsured loss on a business or Key person in a business can be devastating. “By getting the right type of insurance, and ensuring that the structure is set up correctly from the beginning with things like Buy sell agreements and shareholders agreements you can protect yourself from sudden and paralyzing damages, while potentially saving time and money by not doubling up on insurances like many people/ businesses do,” adds Jason.

One of the types of insurance that the professionals at insuranceBASE offer s to businesses is ‘Key Person Cover’.

‘Key Person Cover’ is taken out on a specific key person in a business which may generate a lot of the revenue, have specialised knowledge within in an industry or could be very expensive for a business to replace. “When a key person becomes disabled due to accident or illness, there are likely to be consequences that could negatively affect your business reputation and financial survival,” said Jason Hennessey.

insuranceBASE specialises in Acc structure and advice and Jason has  saved many  Businesses thousands of Dollars by rearranging the way they have their current insurances  ACC insurances set up. Most Businesses are unaware of what they are entitled to when it comes to claim time and often are disappointed with what they receive.  We take away those concerns and make it easy for you ensuring you know what you are entitled to recieve with agreed values,  insurance is all about having a predictable out come.

Don’t wait for a catastrophe to make you realise that you need insurance. Whether you’re a Mum or Dad seeking personal cover, business insurance or ACC restructuring now is the time to take action with the professionals at insuranceBASE.


Contact insuranceBASE:

Phone   07 839 0244

Fax        07 839 7882

Mobile 07 211 7625 or 021 735 905


Office    11a Clifton Road (Rear Unit). Hamilton

Postal    PO Box 964, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton 3240


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