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Protect your cloud data with New Zealand’s premier cloud computing company, ICONZ.

Protect your cloud data with New Zealand’s premier cloud computing company, ICONZ.

sfsNew Zealand’s leading cloud computing company, ICONZ applies several layers of protection on top of their superior cloud computing infrastructure.


“Our security suite features central monitoring and reporting functions,” says Jack Talbot from Auckland-based ICONZ. This helps clients detect any issues and ensures all servers remain protected.


ICONZ’s efficient border security encloses your data behind a safe and secure perimeter. “This set of managed services fences off our servers, behind an International Computer Security Association (ICSA) certified firewall,” says Jack. This provides a completely redundant, enterprise-grade firewall cluster without the expected high cost or complexity.


ICONZ’s advanced endpoint security doesn’t just scan for malware or viruses. It also pro-actively monitors your computing resources for signs of unusual or suspicious activity. It safeguards your virtual servers in ICONZ’s professional cloud, mitigating threats that could cause data loss or negatively impact endpoint resources.


Endpoint security offers; anti-malware, anti-virus, system integrity monitoring, automated alerts, log inspection and security audits.


“Our data protection measures secure your data - whether it's residing on disk or in transit,” adds Jack. ICONZ encrypts all of your important information. This ensures that even if intercepted, the file remains unintelligible. Data security offers SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which safeguards the transmission of sensitive data, and the endpoint encryption stores files securely.



About ICONZ:


ICONZ (Internet Company of New Zealand Limited) helps businesses take advantage of the internet using cloud technologies. With a history spanning 20+ years, it offers a unique combination of private and public cloud computing services to mid-sized businesses. In addition to cloud hosting, ICONZ offers co-location, connectivity, business continuity, security, voice and procurement services. Managed services are also offered, to oversee all these solutions. www.iconz.net



Contact ICONZ:

09 977 3577





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