Raglan-based Aeronavics and Australia’s Airscope form a strong partnership.

Raglan-based Aeronavics and Australia’s Airscope form a strong partnership.

In an exciting announcement, Raglan-based Aeronavics Ltd has recently become the primary platform provider for the Australian aerial inspection company, Airscope Industries.Airscope lighter


Airscope Industries is a specialized Asset Inspection company that uses Aeronavics Aerial Robotics Solutions to collect data to help its clients more efficiently manage their assets.  It is also Australia’s fastest-growing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Inspection Company.


Airscope recognizes the quality and reliability of Aeronavics craft and has chosen to utilise Aeronavics as their only platform provider.


With more than 70 years of commercial and military flying experience, Airscope has taken the commonalities out of the pre-existing commercial airline model to create what is being labeled as the world’s first “Drone Airline”.


Using this model allows Airscope the ability to operate safer, more efficiently and expand fast without reducing operational excellence.


Airscope relies on accurate collection of data and Aeronavics’ world-class aerial robotics solutions have proven to be the most trusted craft for the job.


Managing Director of Airscope, Chris Leslie, understands the importance of providing quality, reliable service in this sector. “In a market growing as fast as the drone/ data collection industries, Airscope realises the importance of collaboration and is proud to form such a strong strategic partnership with Aeronavics to provide an unrivaled service offering to the asset inspection market.”


Recently, Aeronavics Chief Operating Office Jon Fletcher and Aeronavics Director Linda Bulk, traveled to Perth to collaborate with Airscope Industries at the Australasian Oil and Gas Conference and Expo.


Jon Fletcher was impressed with the turn out and noted a number of opportunities for Aeronavics to grow within the inspection market.


“The AOG is the largest Oil and Gas expo in Australasia. This opportunity, as well as our partnership with Airscope, allows us to demonstrate how our tailored inspection package and world-class craft can truly transform this industry.”


Linda believes that the use of Aeronavics craft within these environments is a testament to the quality and reliability of Aeronavics Aerial Robotics Solutions. “We pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing reliable aerial robotics solutions for a range of situations, including dangerous or unstable environments as found within the Oil and Gas industry”.


Aeronavics Ltd looks forward to working with Airscope as their primary platform provider. By mid-2016 Airscope aims to have an east coast presence in Australia, extending this to include New Zealand by the end of 2016 and South America and South East Asia in 2017.


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