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Raglan based Aeronavics Ltd sees record growth and success  

Raglan based Aeronavics Ltd sees record growth and success  

skyjibLeading drone innovators Raglan-based Aeronavics Ltd is at an exciting crossroads in terms of technology and development.


After the success of the Snowball crowd-funding campaign earlier this year, the company has doubled in size and is busy racing towards a new product launch.


Jon Fletcher, COO, who became a part of the Aeronavics team in August of this year, has been an integral part of the growth. Jon’s focus is on the streamlining of production and processes, ensuring that the company continues to move from strength to strength.


“As a company we are constantly striving to improve our products and process. In order to help us achieve this, we are focusing on doing the basics well in terms of planning, communication and execution. We have also attracted some top talent recently with Anton Slooten being the newest recruit.”


Anton specializes in electrical and computer systems engineering, and graduated from Massey University in 2014 with Honors.


As part of the Aeronavics team, Anton will be working as a level three technical assistant. His work will be focused on ground station development, which will allow further customization of software and technology according to the needs of the user.


Recently having moved to Hamilton from Palmerston North, Anton has thrown himself into the various projects within Aeronavics.


“I am excited to be a part of the Aeronavics team. I have always been interested in UAVs, and am looking forward to being a part of this industry as the technology evolves,” Anton said.


The expansion of the team has led to a revamp of Aeronavics HQ.


This month the company will have a new workshop and showroom on site, allowing for streamlined production of their world-class craft. With a new product launch in the pipe-line, it will be all-hands-on-deck as the team build UAVs that far outperform the last product release. Key features will include increased flight time and payload capacity, as well as new safety aspects to ensure the protection of pilots, the public and the craft itself.


The new craft range will be launched at The Shed at Big Boys Toys 2015, which will run from the 30th Oct – 1st November at the ASB showgrounds in Auckland. This event will give the public the chance to view the new craft in action and find out about fantastic new features and applications.


The team at Aeronavics look forward to sharing these successes with shareholders and members of the public as they continue to produce world-leading craft for a range of industries.





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