SCN Helicopters Is On Board with Taupo-Based Uptake Fertilisers

SCN Helicopters Is On Board with Taupo-Based Uptake Fertilisers

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For the past four years, Steve Nicholson from SCN Helicopters in Porirua has been experimenting with Uptake’s suspension fertilisers.


Uptake, based in Taupo, is well known for its soil-based fertilisers and Uptake’s CEO, John Davis, is famous for his refrain, “animal health starts in the soil.”


There can be no doubt that replenishing missing minerals from the soil is the first step in growing more nutritious pasture, which leads to improved animal health.


However, Uptake also supplies a range of suspension fertilisers which can be applied from above.  SCN Helicopters has been experimenting with applying Uptake’s suspension fertilisers through aerial topdressing.


“By adding weed control products to get rid of gorse, blackberry and thistle, to Uptake’s fertiliser, we are doing two jobs at once,” says Steve Nicholson, who uses two Robinson R44 helicopters to spread Uptake’s product onto farms in the lower North Island.


“We have also been experimenting with adding insecticide to the mix.  Being able to mix these chemicals into the fertiliser is saving farmers of a great deal of money in application costs.”


Mr Nicholson says the feedback he’s been getting from farmers he’s spoken to shows they’re very pleased with the results from Uptake’s products.


“As I’ve been going around I’ve been talking to the farmers and they’re all saying it’s about the animal health, says Mr Nicholson.  “Since they’ve been using Uptake’s products, the animals’ health has improved and it’s making a big difference to them.”


Tarnia Morris from Uptake says it’s heartening to do business with likeminded people who understand the benefits of the product, such as SCN Helicopters.


“Steve is one of our approved helicopter pilots.  He’s a farmer too and not just a typical helicopter pilot. He’s reliable, hardworking and a bloody good bloke,” says Tarnia.



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