Social Media in Focus

By Samantha Northcott

Tips to Tweet About 

It’s constantly being proven through success stories and the media that social media is changing the ways for marketing. But how can these social media networks help improve your business? Here are a few tips for to get your Twitter account moving your business forward.

1.      Tweet Tweet Tweet

Individuals are not constantly sitting on their twitter accounts, they will come and go throughout the day. Your business needs to make the most off this and tweet 4-5 times a day; early morning, late morning, lunch, afternoon and night. There are now many apps including HootSuite that can schedule tweets throughout the day so you do not have to sit on twitter all day.

2.      #interaction

Twitter is a great way to keep you communicating and interacting with your clients. You can see their wants, needs, likes and dislikes all on one social network.

Creating hashtags for your company and specific products or services you can establish conversations with your customers. Hashtags are also a great way to research what other relevant companies are doing, and common problems.

3.      Follow Friday

Followers run your twitter account, the more followers results in more people around the world discovering your products and company. Finding followers is the hardest part of twitter, but once you start you can keep up and can end up with thousands of followers.

Always following people that follow you shows them that you care about their interests and opinions as well. Connecting and suggesting other companies and people will help improve others followers and your own. #followfriday will help you keep up with a hot trend every Friday, but also suggest companies that you follow, and hopefully others suggest your company.

Following companies and people with the same interests as your company will help improve your company and keep on top of your game.

Keep an eye out for more tips for help improve your social media strategies from MediaPA.

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