Southern Fresh Foods Waikato introduce Pea Tendrils with exceptional nutritional value.

Southern Fresh Foods Waikato introduce Pea Tendrils with exceptional nutritional value.

Jess Meek/Media PA

Looking for a new, fresh way to add nutrition into your diet? Pea tendrils are available now at Southern Fresh Foods in the Waikato.

Tasting like peas the young, tender leaves, can be eaten like other raw leafy greens and are great tossed in salads and in sandwiches.

As an alternative you can cook them by themselves or with other greens in a stir fry.

Their exceptional nutritional value is hard to beat and benefits include:

  1. Aids in cancer prevention: great source of folate, antioxidants and carotene, which are three chemoprotective agents.
  2. High in antioxidants: 1 cup of pea tendrils will provide approx. 35% of the daily value of vitamin C & 15% of vitamin A. (7 times as much vitamin C as blueberries, 4 times as much vitamin A as tomatoes).
  3. Anti-Inflammatory.
  4. Diabetes: pea tendrils contain many of the nutrients which help keep blood sugar levels low and give great antioxidant support. This both supports people with type two diabetes and lowers the risk of developing diabetes.
  5. Heart health: pea tendrils offer antioxidants and phytonutrients lend a wide range of cardiovascular benefits.
  6. Weight loss: a great addition to an effective weight loss programme- huge nutrient to calorie ratio, offer good amount of dietary fibre to aid in controlling body weight & regulating metabolism.

Complimentary flavours for pea tendrils are creamy cheeses, shellfish, carrots, potatoes, shallots, asparagus, fava beans, mushrooms, bacon, lobster, cream, ricotta, butter, basil & mint.

They are newly available in 100g & 500g thanks to Southern Fresh Foods Ltd.

Established in the fertile, lush growing area in the heart of the Waikato, Cambridge-based Southern Fresh Foods has more than 30 years of market experience.

This family-owned and operated company has progressed into one of New Zealand's leading professional growers and processors of high quality baby vegetables, salad lines, and herbs - both fresh and processed.

They are constantly pushing the boundaries in search of new cuisine ideas, to in turn to inspire epicures to become more creative.
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