Stop bleeding the natural way with SureStop ® Wound Care products

Stop bleeding the natural way with SureStop ® Wound Care products


SureStop Hemostatic Gauze Dressing (Impact)-01Made from a plant derivative SureStop ® Hemostatic dressings, and SureStop ® Wound Care products offer a widespread range of applications that can be utilized across multiple specialties, including Sports and Medical.


GM Scientific’s leading products SureStop ® is made from oxidized regenerated cellulose derived from plants. SureStop ® is a sterile Soluble Hemostatic Dressing.


SureStop ® is made from an innovative sterile soft white knitted fabric which is widely used in first aid and surgery hemostats.


When the knit fabric comes into contact with blood or exudates, it quickly transforms into a viscous gel, which fills wound voids, seals capillary ends, and activates the clotting system thereby helping to stop the bleeding.


Sure Stop hemostatic gauze is widely used in many countries, by millions of patients, and is being very well received.


The SureStop ® product range includes sterile hemostatic dressings for a variety of occasions such as Island Dressings, Scar Care products and more.


SureStop ® helps control bleeding from open wounds, including mouth, ears, nose and throat.


SureStop ® hemostatic dressings are easy to use and remove, they contain no chemical additives, are hypoallergenic and completely safe as they are derived from plant based cellulose material.


SureStop ® has been used on more than 200000 patients worldwide and has been clinically tested by leading universities. The deduction is the product indeed stops bleeding, fast, efficiently and reliably. There are no toxic effects and there is no irritation to the body from its use


With its faster time to hemostasis, bacteriostatic benefits and competitive price, SureStop ® offers real value for money for you.


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